Wrapping a new economic layer around the planet.

New Deals. Themes covered in this episode (click the link to listen on Spotify): — Wrapping a new economic layer around the planet — Evaluating the due diligence process — Being a gatekeeper for financial inclusion — Creating new asset classes for the unbanked — Healing on both sides of mergers and acquisitions — Unconditional love […]

Initial Private Offering

What is in your ‘squared circle’? We all have this great work within us. My work exists as building blocks – like Legos – to support others in creating the ‘greatest work’ of their lives.

We created a Discord server.

Over the last few weeks, I mentioned that I would be creating a Discord server for the work we’ve been creating and will soon create. To learn more about the intention of the Discord and the content you may find within it, please review my most recent articles. They are listed on the Log. For […]

When labyrinth becomes life.

Perhaps my certainty around being ‘awake’ in this moment will, too, become the next floor I stand upon as I emerge through the next ceiling.