Emergence 100-Day Program

Launch a heart-centered venture that makes an impact. This 100-Day program starts March 1st. I am running it through Cooperative Impact – the school for worldbuilders.

A reason to live. Tonight at 6pm EST.

I am hosting a 30 minute live session tonight. I share more about the inspiration for this gathering in today’s 2 minute podcast episode which is linked below.

Unit economics + ecosystem map [Design System v0.1]

The intention is to open ten spaces by 2025, and to stop growing once that goal is accomplished. Ten independent spaces owned and operated by their founders, and existing as a microcosm that shows its larger society what’s possible.

Wrapping a new economic layer around the planet.

New Deals. Themes covered in this episode (click the link to listen on Spotify): — Wrapping a new economic layer around the planet — Evaluating the due diligence process — Being a gatekeeper for financial inclusion — Creating new asset classes for the unbanked — Healing on both sides of mergers and acquisitions — Unconditional love…

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