The intention of this article is to be a space for my expression.

Inside, you will find:

Cultural NFTs

The work we create together is broken down and packaged into one-of-a-kind cultural NFT collections. I am creating content to illustrate how to use NFT for your invisible value. Check-in with the Discord to access this content.

Podcast Livestream

8pm EST for 8 nights in a row. I am interviewing people who left an imprint on my soul. Schedule of episodes are here.

Stories of Emergence

The serpent said, “The work is never done.” Read more

Updates on my ‘working life’

I streamed the first episode of a new podcast live last night. In the live stream, I went into a lot of shares around my personal mental health. I edited the 30 minute show down to 2 minutes and published it on Spotify. I am going to make the full 30 minutes of content accessible when someone purchases the NFT for episode 1. This is just one way to use NFT for cultural assets. Here’s another.

Are you interested in sharing your invisible value? Reach out to me.

This is the end.

Daniel D.

[1] emergence — is a concept I learned from Dr. Michael Garbe, LCSW about the trauma-informed process of self-actualization #dynamicawakening

[2] working life — is a phrase I learned from Michelle Akin, MCC when she asked me in 2019, “How do you plan to support your working life?” #nailedit

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