What is in your ‘squared circle’? We all have this great work within us. My work exists as building blocks – like Legos – to support others in creating the ‘greatest work’ of their lives.

Starting tonight at 8pm EST, I am hosting 8 nights of conversations.

1. My intention is to reunite with 12 founders to raise $1 Billion, then I’d like to retire.

2. My intention is to use a portion of each night to walkthrough the 30+ pages of sketches that are currently in the Discord.

3. I want to hear about you, your work, and learn how I can support the manufacturing and distribution of the elixir found within your Philosopher’s Stone.

Diamonds I: Late night conversations with creative entrepreneurs.

Diamonds II: Squared Circle of Daniel D'Alonzo

Diamonds III: the squared circle

Diamonds IV: magnum opus

Diamonds V: roles

Diamonds VI: jump in

Diamonds VII: IPO

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