Daniel D'Alonzo

New Jersey Innovation Specialist

Management Consultant & Experience Designer

finance, legal, manufacturing, education, government, social sector, health

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Some of the greatest organizations are born from the darkest moments of the founder's personal life experiences.

The founder's story is so incredibly real. It spreads from circle to circle without much need for marketing. Her authenticity inspires those around her into action. Consistently sharing her story to establish trust which soon becomes loyalty. She gets buy-in by aligning her purpose with the most unsolvable problem her customer faces. She opens the lines of communication to gain an empathetic understanding. They co-create a solution as she carefully crafts a seamless, flexible experience to serve her customer's evolving needs.

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Design Sprints

An accelerated series of scaffolded activities and exercises planned in a specific order. The mission, to get a prototype into the hands of customers as soon as possible.


  • Culture Design
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Service Design
  • Aligning Organizational Behavior with Business Goals
  • Corporate Innovation
  • Self-Directed Learning

A sustainable organizational thrives because of the ecosystem it cultivates. It thrives because of the nutrients in the soil, the sunlight, and the way you nurture the plants (people).

Undesirable outcomes are the leader's responsibility.

Somewhere along the line, we began to think of marketing budgets as expenses rather than investments. That's a problem. Marketing is one of the first capacities that an organization must cross-train its teams on. The only people qualified to speak on behalf of your brand, is you.


A strategic planning session that outlines a 30, 60, 90 day scope of milestone-driven timelines, deliverables, and roles required to accomplish business goals.


"Clone and make your own." Professionally developed assets to remove the roadblocks currently preventing you from navigating your organization in various directions.

I turned the resource-thirsty, expensive, and challenging parts of growing an organization into individual microservices. Each microservice is already built and designed to launch as an orphan service, but is ready to be connected into your Hub on-demand.

  • Forms (free)
  • Emails (free)
  • Landing Pages (free)
  • Automation Workflows (free)
  • Affiliate Program (free)
  • Microsites (free, and why this is unlike anything you've had before)
    • No need to disrupt your existing website, simply create a subdomain for each new feature you want to test ie: Landing Pages. You'll install the microservice "Pages" into your subdomain.

These are the bare essentials. You'll find the information to develop these capacities within your organization within each asset. Whether you leverage the tools available on this site, or you simply use the advice as your compass does not matter. My business model is fueled by your ability to bring your company into the 21st century. Until then, you are a dying breed. As you think of the next thing you need, let me know. There are likely others who share your need.


  • Preincubator
  • Apprenticeships
  • $100 Million Honors Campus


Share your thoughts. Do you know how to evaluate your company? Do you know what the next few steps are? Where are you in the process?