Daniel Peter D'Alonzo

“Daniel is a unique visionary. Empathetic, sensitive and resourceful, he leads through facilitation. His programs are always built around the concept of getting the right people to participate. I look forward to seeing his initiatives work for the good of society.” -Vijay Chakravarthy, Industrial Designer Society of America (IDSA)

Hi, I'm Daniel. I am fascinated by the way an environment - an ecosystem - impacts our ways of being, influences the inception of our ideas, and facilitates the way we show up in life, work, and love.

Venture Designer

Build a company people love.

Imagine a world where we transform our circumstances into meaningful opportunities. Where we wake up excited to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Where we intentionally cultivate superpowers like compassion, vulnerability, imagination, and empathy to elevate the collective consciousness, instigate cultural evolution, and move the world forward.

This is the world I imagine.

When you look into the future, what do you see?

How may I support you?

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Discovery / Roadmap

an innovator to uncover stakeholder opportunities and recommend a culturally relevant approach through a prioritized backlog of projects

Prototype / MVP

an experience designer to improve existing and launch new products, platforms, programs, and services


a trusted advisor and thought partner supporting you to build, launch, and grow a company people love

The ROI of Compassion

Free Online Workshop

What if we took better care of the people who take care of our customers? If people felt nurtured, safe, and inspired how would it impact the way they show up with customers? How would that impact the bottom-line? To access the free workshop fill out the form below.

How may I support you?