Who is my customer?

In this post, I explore a few questions: (1) who is my customer, (2) what is my customer’s problem, and

Growth hack my startup

As I study the most successful web and mobile products I notice a common theme. There are hundreds of communication channels at my disposal. How do i know which ones to use to leverage my app? It turns out, there are only a few channels that are considered “reliable” to actually scale user growth. To clarify, when […]

Local Search Engine Optimization for Nonprofit Organizations

One of the things nonprofit organizations have difficulty with is finding time for internet marketing. Is it even worth it? I think so. Especially if you focus on local search engine optimization for nonprofit organizations. Before I get into local SEO, I want to point out that there are a few phases in the conversion […]

Website Launch Checklist

Special thanks to WPEngine for putting this awesome website launch list together. Keep this link in a familiar place so you don’t get lost in the QA process. This list is exhaustive, and not every project requires every step. That decision will be up to you. Step 1 – Before Going Live Step Order Area […]

How your about page can be a sales tool

The about page is in the top 3 pages visited by unique website visitors. I arrive on a website I’ve never been to before. What’s the first thing I do? I read the headline text on the home page, do a quick assessment of the graphics and user interface which lets me know if the […]

Show me how to plant a tree

Don’t tell people what to do. Show them how to do it. I came in second place last year at the New Jersey Tree Planting Convention. I lost to my nemesis, Magatha. Yup, that’s her proudly wearing her crown. I’m coming for you next year!   On a greener note, I was at my friend […]

Generating Revenue is All About Process

Build the infrastructure. Don’t sit back and wait for something great to happen. You have the power to bring in new business and generate revenue for yourself. It’s all about process. Whether you’re a startup or a business veteran, building scalable infrastructure for your internal business process is essential. Generating revenue from business process How […]