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The about page is in the top 3 pages visited by unique website visitors.
I arrive on a website I’ve never been to before. What’s the first thing I do? I read the headline text on the home page, do a quick assessment of the graphics and user interface which lets me know if the company is outdated, then finally (if I haven’t already abandoned the site) I look for the about section.

The about section should include the big questions:

  1. What product or service do you provide?
  2. Why are you providing it? What gap in the market did you notice? What problem are you trying to solve for your customers?
  3. How are you doing it?
  4. Who are you?

The about page is sometimes the first or second page your visitor will view on your site.

How to make a sales tool out of your about page

  • Make your about page easily accessible above the fold.
  • It should show your picture, humanistic features and beaming passion so you can connect with your target market the second they land on the page.
  • It should tell a story about how you managed to evolve your passion into a product or service.
  • It should include all the benefits of what you’re doing.
  • It gives you a chance to speak freely. No industry jargon. Pure prose.
  • It lets you target your customers by including specific links to products and services that are particularly related to their pain points.
  • It lets you provide social proof and testimonials that show you mean business.
  • It provides you a concise platform to let your customers know how you will solve their problems.

Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities to turn your about page into a sales tool?