My role in this project was as a consultant. My responsibility was to evaluate an existing email marketing strategy, recommend improvements, and measure the results of the next campaign we sent out together.  The goal would be to generate more revenue on the next campaign than the previous.


The client manufactures and sells their own prescription eyewear. Products consist of eyeglasses, safety glasses, sun glasses, etc. The client is a family-owned and operated business that was founded in 1915. The production process is done on-site (manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and sales). Products are sold wholesale and through various retail e-commerce websites.


I would need to know how much revenue the client generated over the course of the last few campaigns. I would also need to see what the email marketing campaigns looked like. I reviewed the

I analyzed the email marketing tactics and juxtaposed them with the revenue earned from the previous campaigns.


I made the following recommendations:


After making a few tweaks, we sent out the next campaign and achieved the following results:

METRICS Previous Campaign My Campaign Total Increase
Unique Opens 1281 2348 +83%
Unique Clicks 162 452 +179%
# of Sales 31 48 +55%
Total Revenue $3,524 $6,019 +71%

Simply changing the subject line of the email along with a few other minor tweaks, and the next email we sent generated nearly twice as much revenue as the previous. Mission: Accomplished.

This ten day project paved the way for a 2-month on-site engagement.

Building the Marketing Department

Within a few days following the success of the email improvements, I was offered an exciting role to build out their new in-house marketing department from the ground-up. I haven’t unpacked this larger case study yet. Until I do, here’s a quick rundown of what we did next:

I worked with the CEO and VP on strategy, developed the infrastructure needed for the department to run on its own without outsourcing a consultant to manage it, cross-trained existing employees, hired and developed new employees to take on emerging responsibilities, setup a microsite builder for the marketing team to launch niche sites and landing pages as needed, and more. I had a lot of fun on this engagement.