Do not follow your passion.

I used to say things like, “Follow your passion. Work on projects you are passionate about.” I was so wrong.

FireSide chats for creative entrepreneurs

I wanted to start a company like FireSide for the last few months. I was busy with other projects and couldn’t put the time (or brain power) into building something new.

Manifestos and Mantras

I wake up some days struggling to remember the meaning of my work. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been wasting time. Do you ever feel like this?

How your about page can be a sales tool

The about page is in the top 3 pages visited by unique website visitors. I arrive on a website I’ve never been to before. What’s the first thing I do? I read the headline text on the home page, do a quick assessment of the graphics and user interface which lets me know if the […]

Write everything down even if it doesn't make sense

Write all your thoughts. Don’t worry about whether it makes sense. Just write it all down. In the past, if I thought a topic was not important then I wouldn’t need it for the book at all. I have come to learn it is impossible for me to know what will end up in the final […]