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Square and Flint are cool – only if you’re selling products in person. What if you want to sell something directly on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or your website?
If you sell an ebook on Amazon or Apple you pay a 40% commission. If you own a fitness center and want to sell gym memberships on your website you normally would install a payment gateway or merchant service. All that has changed…
website payments sell products
Until recently, if you wanted to sell online you would use something like eJunkie, hack something together with PayPal, or pay expensive fees for a merchant service (not to mention waiting 7+ days to get approved).
We’re not in the stone age anymore.
I’ve been looking for the best automated payment method to sell a product I’m releasing in October. I was tired of dealing with PayPal and setting up a separate system to automatically deliver the customer’s purchase.
That’s when I stumbled across this little gem…

Sell anywhere

I can create a buy button using their drag and drop interface (or design my own button), copy the embed code and paste it into ANY website. There are also shareable links to post on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
You can see how I use it right here to sell my product =>

Automate payments

Any downloadable product is automatically sent to a customer after they make a purchase. This makes setting up passive income streams for your business a cinch.

Increase Conversions

Best part – when you click the buy button you never leave my website to make the payment. A small popup window appears that lets you enter your credit card information without ever going through a sloppy, multi-step checkout process.
Gumroad doesn’t stop there…it gets better.

Build a sales force

Let’s say I own a fitness center and my goal is to sell memberships. I can give a unique embed code to my personal trainers and ask them to copy and paste it on their own site, Facebook page, Twitter account, and Pinterest boards.
There’s more…

Your own affiliate program

Create unique buttons for multiple friends, personal trainers, employees, or whoever and track the exact dollar amount each person brings in. You can use this data to pay out affiliate commissions or keep track of who is selling the most.
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