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Write all your thoughts.

Don’t worry about whether it makes sense. Just write it all down.
In the past, if I thought a topic was not important then I wouldn’t need it for the book at all. I have come to learn it is impossible for me to know what will end up in the final product until I finish the final product.
These little parts that I neglect to write down are the small nooks and crannies that end up bringing a book concept to fruition. I learned that I have to dig deep and scrape out every piece of information from my brain in order to put a solid product together. I can’t think straight about the project until all the moving parts and possibilities are removed my brain and placed onto paper.

Think through the entire book idea

When I write something down, whether I think it will be used or not, it lets my brain walk through the ideas speeding through my head. When I first have an idea it always seems amazing and almost easy to implement. It’s not until I sketch an outline and mind-map ideas do I really start to see the project unfold.
When I write down an entire thought process I am able to get from good part to bad part. If only write the parts I think are ‘good’ I never make it to the next ‘good’ part once I hit a block. More importantly, when I review the draft I usually get inspired by a line of text I originally thought was unnecessary, and write an entire new chapter from it.
As soon as new thoughts come into your head, write them down. If you are writing an ebook about getting fit for the holidays and you’re currently on the section about what to eat for breakfast…and all of a sudden you get an idea for what to eat for dessert, quickly write a few sentances about the new dessert idea and then go back to your previous stream.

Oh, I’ll remember to write about that tomorrow

I write down everything I can about the topic I am covering. When I review the text later I can always remove stuff I don’t need.  I can’t tell you how many times I have thought about ideas and I tell myself “Oh, I’ll remember to write about that”…then I end up forgetting 20 minutes later!
I now write everything down no matter where I am or what I am doing.
I send myself text messages or emails if I don’t have access to paper or my laptop. If I’m driving I use the voice recorder on my iPhone and transcribe the words later. Whatever it takes. These sentances add up in the long run and may end up being the reason why you finish your book so quickly.

Think of yourself as a film maker

I started my career as a filmmaker. After I would plan the film with an outline and screenplay I would film and capture all the footage I may need for the final product. I wouldn’t use all the footage I shot, but in order to know what I want to keep and I want to remove I must see everything first.
The same goes for writing a book. I won’t know whether I’ll want to keep a section or toss it until I actually write the section out. Once the section is written I may want to bring half one section over to a different place in the book. Now I’m like the video editor who is rearranging video clips to tell a story.
You are the film maker. Now go produce your film.