Actualizing Purpose into Business

My experience in business creation is mostly around actualizing my purpose into the work I bring to the world. Starting the journey from purpose means standing for something more.

Crafting a niche

A good niche doesn’t just fall into your lap. It must be carefully crafted. This post explores why you may want to say it’s more like “crafting a niche”. I am in the process of crafting a niche. At first, crafting a niche was somewhat challenging. I’ve since been able to wrap my ahead around […]

Who is my customer?

In this post, I explore a few questions: (1) who is my customer, (2) what is my customer’s problem, and

Your idea is not a pipe dream.

Have you ever had an idea for a new product or business? You may even have one right now. Does it seem so far away that you don’t even know where to start?

FireSide chats for creative entrepreneurs

I wanted to start a company like FireSide for the last few months. I was busy with other projects and couldn’t put the time (or brain power) into building something new.