Have you ever had an idea for a new product or business? You may even have one right now. Does it seem so far away that you don’t even know where to start?

It’s not a pipe dream.

If you don’t know the process for how to turn your idea into a product or business it’s easier to do nothing at all. This is where the pipe dream effect comes from. In order to launch your idea you need to learn how first. The best part is nobody starts life with the knowledge of how to start a business or launch a product.
Being raised entrepreneurially taught me how to find comfort in being uncomfortable. It’s OK to not understand how to turn a great idea into a product.
Successful entrepreneurs are not born with the experiences necessary to build awesome sh*t. At some point in their life they decided to start something on their own – from square one. We all start from square one. You can start right now.

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