Just start. Make a splash.

Where you are right now, is the right time and place to start.

There is no correct place to start. Wherever you end up starting is likely not going to be the place you end up. Without starting you can’t end up anywhere.

Get attention. Do all kinds of stuff you haven’t tried. Find out what you like the most. More importantly, find out what your community likes the most. Somewhere at the intersection of your passion, skill, and ability to attract attention will be the start of something great.

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“Daniel is a unique visionary. Empathetic, sensititve, and resourceful. He leads through facilitation. His programs are always focused around getting the right people to particiapte. I look forward to seeing how his initiatives work for the good of society.” -Vijay Chakravarthy, Industrial Designer Society of America

"I raised $3 million from Eduardo Saverin (Co-Founder of Facebook) & Tim Draper (VC and Founder of Draper University). I owe a lot to Dan for simplifying complex ideas and being the initial spark of inspiration that motivated me to go for it all." -Josh Rosenheck

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