UX Research Stack

This user experience research stack is comprised of methods to measure impact across your organization.

Petal Diagram

The Petal Diagram helps assess competitors when attempting to creating new markets or resegment existing markets.

Business Model Canvas

The business model canvas helps visualize the ways your business creates, captures, and delivers a value proposition to your customer.

Value Proposition Canvas

A well crafted value proposition speaks directly to relieving the pain-point of your customer.

Empathy Mapping

Gain an empathetic understanding of your customer by putting yourself in her shoes.

Crafting a niche

A good niche doesn’t just fall into your lap. It must be carefully crafted. This post explores why you may want to say it’s more like “crafting a niche”. I am in the process of crafting a niche. At first, crafting a niche was somewhat challenging. I’ve since been able to wrap my ahead around […]


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