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business model canvas
The business model canvas helps visualize the ways your business creates, captures, and delivers a value proposition to your customer.

Canvas unpacks a business model

The business model canvas shows the specific flow and exchange that happens between your business and your customer. The business model is comprised of the unique way your company creates, packages, and delivers your value proposition to your customer in exchange for your customer to give you some type of currency. This is typically in the form of her email address, a one-time payment, subscription payment, or a referral to her larger network by sharing a link on social media for her friends and followers to also become your customer.

The specific currency you decide to accept in exchange for your value proposition (products, services, etc) is completely up to you.

Business model canvas video

I continue to find myself referring to the same video to provide you with a brief, 2-minute walkthrough of how and why the one-page business model planning is as powerful of a tool as it is:

Ready to unpack your own business model?

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The one-page business model canvas is ready for you to work through and unpack your business model at your desk right now.