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Persona canvas is a strategic tool to gain customer insights.

This post is derived from the post written by Content Harmony, A Bootstrapped Guide to Validating Your Customer Persona.

Persona Canvas Complete Guide

Persona canvas is a strategic tool to gain customer insights. Working through the buyer persona canvas is a smart use of your time.

The persona canvas is usually an exercise that can be further supported by an empathy mapping. I find the two exercises to be interchangeable in regards to order.

The last time I wrote about the process of building a persona was a few years ago. It was much less detailed then the process outlined below.

Over the last few years I have been able to wrap my head around the topic a bit more, and once I found the awesome resource written by the content marketing agency you’ll learn about below, I thought this was a good opportunity to write about the persona canvas and persona development process again.

Persona canvas sections

Content Harmony breaks down the in-depth persona with the following outline:

  1. Photo
  2. Backstory
  3. Psychographic Attributes
  4. Demographic Identifiers
  5. Their Goals & Motivations
  6. Their Roadblocks
  7. Their Sales Objections
  8. Their Quote

Let’s dive a bit deeper into each item from the list.

Persona Canvas Photo

This should be a real photo of an actual customer from your market!

persona photo

Persona Canvas Backstory

These are individual facts that make them unique. Bring the damn persona to life. Don’t make them generic mannequins.

What’s the backstory of the persona?

What sources provide data on the persona backstory?

Psychographic Attributes

These are characteristics of the persona. It serves to create a “stereotype” (a good thing here).


Data Sources:


How do we find them?

Uncover the common characteristic data points (generally the easiest to find) to use for identifying an audience in a database. The classic example is you should be able to use these criteria to pull an email list.


Data Sources:

Goals & Motivations

What the reason behind their behavior?

Describe the goals, needs or problems they have that make them a fit for your brand or your products and services. What are their options for fulfilling this (Note: this depends, so it’s not part of the examples below)?


Data Sources:

Persona Roadblocks

What problem and roadblocks do they run into when they try and achieve their goals?


Data Sources:

Persona Sales Objections

What are their major “deal killers” when buying from you?
Why do they usually reject or turn away from companies in your industry when making a purchase decision?


Data Sources:

Persona Quote

Give them a quote that defines their point of view.
What kind of statement would they make that you hear over and over from people like this?


Data Sources:

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