Do not follow your passion.

I used to say things like, “Follow your passion. Work on projects you are passionate about.” I was so wrong.

Show me how to plant a tree

Don’t tell people what to do. Show them how to do it. I came in second place last year at the New Jersey Tree Planting Convention. I lost to my nemesis, Magatha. Yup, that’s her proudly wearing her crown. I’m coming for you next year!   On a greener note, I was at my friend […]

Shira Blazes a Trail for the DIY Nation

The next step in our digital evolution is to learn how to communicate effectively and develop strategic communication plans. We know how to use Facebook to communicate with our friends…now it’s time to use Facebook to deliver ideas, messages and movements. I’m not talking about protesting…I’m talking about proactively designing your own future. Who do […]

Marketing Software Launches with a Turn Key

I was about to go out and start looking for more clients… You know the drill: brainstorm, plan strategy, build a website, create insane amounts of content and always be looking out for the next payday. Then I realized, why would I continue to put myself through this? If business owners want so much control, […]