I was about to go out and start looking for more clients… You know the drill: brainstorm, plan strategy, build a website, create insane amounts of content and always be looking out for the next payday.
Then I realized, why would I continue to put myself through this? If business owners want so much control, then why not give it to them?
I had no choice but to develop a product that could solve this problem for biz owners. I needed something I could sell on the internet infinite times over. I wanted to generate steady revenue, break the vicious client cycle and be in complete control of my life.
I had already been using a self developed software for all my clients…but I hadn’t thought about monetizing it. I have about 100 sites on the network now. They were built from students, professors, community organizations and the businesses I was working with.
So I added a software component to moxieTODAY. Now I can offer the same great services to my clients, but rather than have me waiting in the wings for the next deadline…the business owner is in complete control of their own marketing and has the power to implement everything internally.
We provide you with a treasure map that shows you everything you need to know about marketing and developing your business.

We are accepting a few early birds to test drive the product for FREE. If you sign up by January 10th 2012 you will receive our Studio plan free of charge for the first year.
Never pay for another site again. Stop searching for the perfect hosting company…you’ve found it! Manage your websites and marketing from one location. Pay once and create as many sites as you want using the drag and drop interface.

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