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Money can't buy happinessI remember when I entered 8th grade math. The teacher wrote a math problem on the chalkboard. It included symbols and characters I never saw before. Not to mention it was the longest math problem I had ever seen.
Panic set in immediately. I thought to myself, “How am I going to pass this class when I don’t even know what those symbols are? It’s only the first day and I’m already about to run out of here.”
Then the teacher told us we would be able to solve the problem by the end of the week. I felt a little better after hearing that.
The teacher spent the next 5 days breaking down the long math problem into different sections. She showed us formulas and processes to use for the different sections.
By the end of the week she put a new version of the problem on the chalkboard. I solved it on my first try.
Just as I didn’t know how to solve the math problem on the first day, you may not know how to build a product around a skill you have or are currently building.
After reading Skilz you will.
This book is for people who pay their own bills. If you don’t pay your own bills you can go back to watching TV.
We live in a world that costs money. A lot of money. So much, in fact, that we spend most of our lives chasing after it.
Our value of life decreases when forced to actively pursue money. If we want food on the table the next morning, we don’t have a choice but to partake in the pursuit. The amount of time we spend with our families is minimal, if at all. Too often, death and tragedy are the only times we get together.
Most will never see a different life than the one I described above. I want to at least try for something better.
Join me on this new adventure.