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What is it?

I’m not really sure. I spent over 10 hours on my upcoming blog post (I will post the article tomorrow). It’s about 2,500 words. The original recording of the podcast was 35 minutes – I trimmed it down to under 5 minutes with an awesome song included.

Why am I doing it?

I’m not really sure. I’m giving something new a try. Something I have never done before. I was listening to music while trying to finish this ungodly long post and it occurred to me I should offer the post in audio and written format. I don’t think all blog posts are audio-worthy. I’ll make sure to only give you ones I think are worth your time.

How do I feel?

Excited. Nervous. Butterflies in my stomach. I think I kind of like it. For the first time I’m really throwing myself out there.

Who will be involved?

The first episode is just me. I will definitely include other people if this grows in popularity. In this episode I include one song.

When will it being goin’ down?

I won’t force this type of content. i don’t want to post podcasts just because it’s part of a schedule. If this first one works out I will definitely work hard to keep them coming.

Can you help?

I would love to continue doing these, but I need your help. Can you tell me how I can improve the show? Anyone that genuinely helps me is guaranteed a spot on a future show. If you want it, of course. If not, give your spot to someone else. Or just hang on to it. Whatever YOU want. This is all about you. Tell me what you need and I’ll do everything I can to make it happen.
Interested in listening? Check out my first podcast.