Emergent Leadership

Proven-effective learning experience with assets and provenance path to the first 2,000 signups. Launch a venture that impacts the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Virtual Estate

I invested my working life immersed in the diverse cultural pockets of the Americas. Over the last twelve years, I traveled from city to city to identify new ways to share my evidence-based evolutionary methodology and the learnings from applying it along the way. I did what I learned to do at the beginning: immerse […]

Emergent Leadership

Create a program for lifelong learners to launch ventures that impact the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

I want to share a personal story with you.

I want to share a personal story with you.

Thank you for being here with me today 🙂. My intention is to let you know more about who I am, how I arrived here, and, perhaps, why I exist. One of my strengths is expressing my self-knowledge into digital assets that can impact a specific social, environmental, spiritual, and financial obstacle that I face in my life.

In 2009, I experienced a significant shift in the way I interact in the world. Since then, I migrated from city to city to learn about culture, understand myself, align with others on purpose, and work cooperatively to uncover underutilized potential from within myself and the communities of which I sewed myself into. My lifelong learning journey began after I finished my undergraduate degree. I acquired layers of resilient grit by rebuilding my life from scratch far too many times.

This is my story →


Create your own assessment tool with themes, topics, and questions you decide. Assets: microsite, landing pages, forms, automatic emails, set of base questions,


_____________________________________________________ Ventures ________________________________________________________ Heartbeat is a self-guided evaluation to learn more about where you are right now, and receive recommendations on where, why, and how to be and do next. Sacred Venture is the third iteration of moxieTODAY which was founded in 2009. Sacred Exchange is an NFT marketplace for one-of-a-kind cultural digital assets. Vault […]

Tao, Organic Solidarity, and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)

What becomes possible when every vote counts? My intention for this post is to continue creating context for Emergence 2022. First, I touch on three points. Then, I try to bring it all together with a series of questions to provide you with your own inner wisdom to describe the potential tectonic shifts I see […]

3-Years to Infinity

Note: this update is pulled from cooperativeimpact.works. The intention of Three Years to Infinity is to embrace the transformation of people, organizations, and society. Three Years to Infinity is the staircase we designed to walk through the transition from the finite to the infinite game. Meaning, life is infinite + cohorts are finite = something […]


This stage ends when the idea has become fully shaped. Crystallized. All the smallest pieces become even smaller crystals of their own. The smaller pieces then find other small pieces to align with bigger pieces and all the crystals begin to crystallize as one.