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This Virtual Estate is comprised of the processes, digital assets, and ventures I uncovered and created that make a positive social, environmental, spiritual, and financial impact on my life and work. The full rights to all of my inventions, ventures, and assets are available for acquisition.

This Virtual Estate is exclusively owned by Daniel Peter D’Alonzo, born on October 3rd, 1984 in Morristown, New Jersey.

I, Daniel Peter D’Alonzo, retain full ownership, rights, and responsibilities over any and all decisions to use, re-use, produce, reproduce, modify, and sell any content, sequences, patterns, and strategies found within this Virtual Estate. The intention of this Virtual Estate is to exist, as it is now, until at least the year 2100.

The digital assets available within this Virtual Estate are strategically sequenced into digital asset collections which represent operational ventures. Ventures, digital assets, and processes are transferrable, moveable, and are easy to setup anywhere in the virtual world. Ventures are stored as digital asset collections and are packaged for you to acquire, clone, reproduce, and integrate into your life, teams, communities, organizations, and societies.

The digital assets listed throughout this Virtual Estate are replicas of the original digital assets. Any and all original digital assets and ventures are automatically delivered upon successful acquisition.

This Virtual Estate provides provenance chain-of-ownership of the evidence-based evolutionary methodology discovered from my lived experiences for transmuting a life of adversity into income-producing digital assets by starting from within. I named this methodology the Four Movements. It represents a new approach to behavior change that influences the intent of empathic, compassionate behavior combined with the technical resources I created to provide myself with access to the tools I needed to survive.

This Virtual Estate will live on its own, as it is, indefinitely, or, until all digital assets and ventures have been acquired. Upon which, this Virtual Estate will naturally transition itself to a read-only website.

Upon the end of my natural life, this Virtual Estate will immediately become open-sourced, and available to the public for free. Until then, I will work one-on-one with each acquirer to integrate this work in new and meaningful ways.