What becomes possible when every vote counts?

My intention for this post is to continue creating context for Emergence 2022.

First, I touch on three points. Then, I try to bring it all together with a series of questions to provide you with your own inner wisdom to describe the potential tectonic shifts I see emerging as I type these words from my small little corner of the internet.

1. Organic Solidarity by Emile Durkheim

2. Tao

3. DAO by Ethereum

Emile Durkheim organic solidarity

1. Emile Durkheim. is known for establishing sociology as an academic discipline. One of his contributions is about solidarity. He describes the difference between mechanical solidarity and organic solidarity. See the picture above for a better understanding of what I am trying to describe. I sourced it from the web.

2. Tao. In Chinese philosophy, refers to the fundamental principles that underly the universe. My understanding of it is as the intangibles of life. That which governs behavior resulting in outcomes aligned with intention. Am I person that says what I do and does what I say? What does that path – the path – look like? How am I living it? If I am not, why am I not in harmony with my nature? It’s also, perhaps, about having discernment to make the choices that lead to unlocking internal, and perhaps ancient, wisdom from within myself.

3. DAO. An important lesson I am learning about the here and now is about my natural evolutionary response – it feels like my gravitational pull seems to be pointing me in a direction that is less about survival of the fittest, and more about survival of the most cooperative. DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Ethereum built a platform that supports this concept.

DAO by Ethereum

Now, I will try to bring it all together.

If you have a moment to review my update from yesterday, I talk through the ways I have been creating digital assets that integrate into learning ecosystems designed to support people through moments of transformation and evolution. When I speak into ways these ecosystems can connect, I am referring to an interdependent model where I consent to inviting your learning ecosystem to interact with my ecosystem. Take another look at the picture attached to this post.

It begs the question, in this exciting new era of worldbuilding, who is in charge? Is there a leader? Who decided this person is the leader? Then, I stopped asking that level of questions because I realized I was asking questions within the same fixed paradigm that may prevent my evolution.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” -Albert Einstein

By stepping out of the context I was brought into this world to embody, I created enough separation from it to allow myself to question the entire paradigm which says there must be a leader.

I am already a leader. You are already a leader. I emerge as a leader when the time is right. You emerge when the time is right. Together, perhaps, we rise.


What if, in this (virtual) universe, it was a safe space where I could become the fullest expression of myself? What if there were no boxes created by previous generations that said, “Here, this is where you should fit yourself. If you can’t fit in these boxes, the infrastructure is setup to shame you until you learn your lesson to get back in that box and close your mouth.”

What if I had access to the tools and resources I needed to create my own (virtual) land of opportunity? What if you could clone my entire world and not need to start from scratch? What if I could become a first-time asset owner by transmuting my uniqueness into digital assets that serve a purpose in my (virtual) estate?

What if this universe of spaces was able to evolve through decisions that are made on consensus? What if, when there is a decision to be made which impacts all of the spaces within this universe, users are prompted to express their choice? What if the system immediately calculated the votes and autonomously evolved the energy of the universe based on the consensus driven by every individual choosing to participate in their own unique way? Again, I reference the visual attached to this post.

How can I become the fullest expression of myself? How can policies evolve to support my evolution? How can that which prevents evolution not become a roadblock in my lifelong learning journey through this thing called life?

A final question that is, perhaps, of great interest to me:

What becomes possible when every human gets a voice that counts?

Daniel D’Alonzo

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