If you recently decided to build your personal brand it’s common to be overloaded with getting everything up and running. It’s not just about your website, social media accounts, blogging schedule, etc.
Learning to create content consistently, updating social media accounts and being present at all times are a few things that come to mind. The things I just mentioned are the basic requirements for getting started. They don’t include the next layer of work. After your stuff is setup you need to create content on other people’s networks.
Guest blogging is a great way to start this process. Ask one of your friends and a few people you don’t know if you can contribute a blog post to their blog. Just remember, you’re not the boss in the guest blogging relationship. Ask them for their guidelines and their advice on what they think you would contribute a good post about.
Find people asking questions in the comments of industry blogs. Be the savior who answers their questions. Answer the question directly in the comments or write a blog post on your blog that answers their question and link to it in the comments.
Get active on question and answer sites. Become a frequent user of Quora to answer questions and find out which questions are being asked the most. Questions being asked often indicate their is a gap of missing knowledge on the web. Fill the gap.

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