What's Trending After Pepper Spray

Now that the pepper spray has settled it’s time to see what’s really trending:

Chancellor Katehi Stops Passing the Pepper Spray: Published to Youtube by UC Davis

Robert Reich features in this two minute teaser from MoveOn.org. According to UC Berkeley’s website, Robert Reich served on Obama’s Advisory Board and he was President Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor – Reich’s current title is: Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley.

Pepper spray and protests are not the only public disturbance. The occupy movement, the protesting…is it distracting the American Public? Facebook, Twitter, blogs…these are the channels most Americans receive news from. As these channels are saturated with images of terror…America continues to progress and modifications are being implemented. Check out the post about US Citizenship Indefinite Detention.

CI Workshop ROI of Compassion w Magalie René

The ROI of Compassion

Free Workshop [Video + Notes]

What if we took better care of the people who take care of our customers? If people felt nurtured, safe, and inspired how would it impact the way they show up with customers? How would that impact the bottom-line?

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