“We currently partner with creators who discovered a cultural breakthrough.” – Sacred Venture

Note: I brought this update over from sacredventure.com. It speaks into one of the elements of the ecosystem.

Some creators have strong academic backgrounds, are practicing licensed clinicians, and individuate through the unique way they thread together philosophies, frameworks, and academic research from across mental health, behavioral sciences, integrative wellness, and spirituality to make new meaning, new knowledge, and contribute value by being an example of what is possible.

We immerse in an intimate, devotional relationship to gain a deeper understanding of what is possible. It’s like giving birth to the universe. Perhaps we are like the midwife with the creator through the process of giving birth to the universe. It’s sacred.

We devote our lives to this work.

We break down the discovery into its smallest elements. We see the way an atom is designed as effective inspiration to model the behavior for this step of the process.

This stage ends when the idea has become fully shaped. Crystallized. All the smallest pieces become even smaller crystals of their own. The smaller pieces then find other small pieces to align with bigger pieces and all the crystals begin to crystallize as one.

We bring the crystals through a rigorous critique, review, and improvement process resulting in a collection of hand-crafted one-of-a-kind digital assets that standalone and increase in utility and value when combined with the others to build products, courses, programs, and cohorts.

Meanwhile, we lay the groundwork for their learning community as the foundation of the creator’s platform. From here, we architect a learning ecosystem. A world. One that provides wraparound services placing each learner in the center of social emotional support, self-organized peer activities, and connected through lifelong access to a global network of collectives, healers, and helpers.

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