Get trust first, then get paid.

Trust sells your ebook

It’s not an overnight get rich scheme. But, by building a trusted community you can earn a living.
I like to tell stories to get my point across…and so I don’t seem like a preacher. So here’s one to start this post off:
Sell ebooks
A stranger came up to me on the street and asked me to buy his brand new book. He told me it had all the answers to all my problems. I thought to myself, “How does this guy know MY problems?” He said the book has the 5 best ways to overcome the obstacles in my life.
Do you think I bought the book?
No. Why?

And I’ll be sure to walk the other way if I see that person from a distance in the future.
This story directly correlates with people trying to sell stuff online. You’ve seen these ridiculous landing pages, right? They literally hurt my eyes to look at. Some of them are still using CDs as part of their bate! I mean, come on! Who uses CDs still!?

Social Proof

Let’s take the same scenario from above and add a twist.
The same stranger walks up to me and asks me to buy his new book. In the middle of me running in the other direction my friend stops me and says, “Dan, this is the guy I was telling you about with that awesome new book. It will totally help you deal with those problems you’ve been having.”
Would you buy the book in this case?
This is an example of social proof. When someone I trust has an influence on my decision making process. Now I’m thinking, “If my best friend is vouching for this weirdo that just walked up to me, I better take notice of what this book is about and consider buying it right now.”
The point of my story is if someone doesn’t know or trust you, they most likely aren’t ready to buy something from you.

Here’s the rundown about trust selling your ebooks:

Trust is what sells your ebook.

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