I ingested a lot of great content yesterday. It was all on Facebook. Some of the best content is spraying from Shira Lazar of What’s Trending. Here’s a recap of what’s occupying the news…

Linda Kubda Katehi, Chancellor of University of California, orders police to pepper spray students to disperse them from a peaceful protest…more specifically the students were sitting on the ground of their campus. Petitions and letters are circulating requesting the chancellor step down from her position. The chancellor fired the police chief but has refused to step down from her position. The last video in this article features Shira Lazar as she Skypes with the professor who submitted one of the requests for resignation.

A quick side note…about one month ago the Chancellor issued a formal statement to the university about the Principles of Community. If you don’t have much time skim over the highlighted paragraph…or go read the entire letter from Chancellor Katehi of University of California here.

Has Chancellor Katehi changed her point of view in the last 30 days?

FOX News calls the “Spray Heard Round the World” a simple tactic used by police to disperse crowds. My curiosity began to rise so I Googled the term “UC Tuition 2011” and found this table on the University of California’s website:

These are students paying $50,000+ per year to attend a university where they learn to protest and stand up for their rights. It looks like the students are doing what they’ve been taught to do…then are pepper sprayed. FOX News says not to worry, pepper spray is only a food product.

The next tidbit of information I found was from Nicholas Kristof, it’s a press release from November 22, 2011 discussing the societal harm from using FOX News as a source of knowledge. See the results of the polling center at Fairleigh Dickenson University…

So for the sake of FOX News and their claim at pepper spray not being excessive…what about police ripping women around by their hair and bodies?

If the video wasn’t enough then you’re really going to be vexed after reading about the Occupy Seattle pregant woman who was pepper sprayed, kicked, and lost her fetus.

I must say the police seem a little too excited to start the pepper spray action. This video is about 8 minutes but if you fast forward to 30 seconds and watch for a minute you will get the idea…

As the day went on my Facebook feed filled with vids and pics of the Occupy Movement. After seeing an image of Egypt posted by FUSE’s X Man it was clear to me…the world is changing.

The next piece of information was shared by Shira Lazar, host of What’s Trending. This is a great cap to the last few days of news about the occupy situation in California and beyond. Watch the video…they include a Skype interview with a UC English Professor, a bunch of Tweets and other media into the conversation…

Keep in mind all the while the Occupy Movement is going on, there is also upheaval in the Obama Administration. There are images circulating of Obama disguised or morphed into the V for Vendatta character…signifying a mass reform of the governments.

Is it possible, in our image-saturated age, for any single image to lay claim to the nation’s attention? Is it possible, in a nation that wages war for a decade and keeps the casualties in the all-volunteer military out of the headlines, for its citizens to think seriously about international politics? war? violent death?

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