Daniel DAlonzo avatarI acknowledge you for refusing to accept the world as it was given to you. This experience invites you to fulfill your highest and most truthful self-expression as a human being. In this experience, you will find a few tools to design your own future.

I invite you to open yourself up to play in an entirely new context. A place where you experience new ways of being, receive new knowledge, make new tools, set new intentions, and communicate through a new vocabulary. This course invites you to open yourself up to deeper human connection, to pay attention to that which has always been, and to receive the abundance that is all around. It’s about sharing moments with your community where you talk about, design, and manifest the future you desire.



You will learn to be with discomfort, elevate your consciousness, cultivate meaningful relationships with inspiring people who want to see you grow, gain clarity of vision, align your purpose with your work, support yourself through your values, and build an evolving roadmap to facilitate your self-directed learning and development.


Imagine a world where you wake up excited to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Where you intentionally cultivate superpowers like compassion, vulnerability, imagination, and empathy to elevate the collective consciousness, instigate cultural evolution, and move the world forward.

To shape the emerging future with intention means releasing the old paradigm, and embracing a new way of life. A way of life which is already waiting for you. To create this new world means deciding to no longer accept a life, a culture, a planet as it was handed down to you. It means being conscious of this decision throughout each day, and continuing to decide the new path you are carving out for yourself. It means questioning everything about the old paradigm.

For education, I questioned the existence of the institution, “Why are we in a building? Why are there chairs and desks? Why does learning take place during certain hours?”

I soon discovered that learning happens everywhere.

The courageous human who takes her development into her own hands creates her own opportunity. The independent thinker who takes a stand by her point-of-view leads us. The lifelong learner who indulges in her curiosity to satisfy her knowledge cravings has the advantage.

To become conscious and aware of the lessons all around, is to open oneself up to a beautiful process of evolution and growth. How will you grow today? What learning experiences will you design for yourself? Who will you invite into your space of which to create and share energy? How will you show up for yourself and others?

As you gain elevation, your vibration follows. You begin to exist at a higher vibrational frequency – a place where anything is possible – a place where you develop a deep sense of yourself – a place where you begin to know beyond yourself. How will you generate a higher vibration for yourself, and for humanity?

To know yourself is to feel into the emotions that are already waiting for you. It is to feel the emotions of which you have yet to listen. Navigate these new ways of being to build the capacity to bring your whole self into the way you show up in relationships, your work, the way you love, the way you play, and when no one else is watching.

On the path of manifestation – on the path to realizing this future – will you acquiesce back to the gravitational pull? Or, as you earn access to these defining moments will you breakthrough into another dimension?

The world is about to turn its head to hear what you have to say.

Are you ready?

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