Leaving My Passion to Pay My Bills

I was doing a lot of work in the community, but my student loans were piling up and I had some credit card debt from college as well. I wanted to continue working in the community but I needed to find a way to help pay the bills in the meantime.
I became the Director of Marketing for a professional network of companies. I researched, conceptualized, planned, trained, and implemented lead generating marketing strategies. The most valuable lesson I learned while working here, “you need to work ON your business, not IN your business”.
I was hired as an “internet marketing artist” to revolutionize the way they did business. I had creative freedom and was able to offer suggestions to increase staff productivity while I tracked campaign analytics, conversions, sale sources, and website traffic using Google Analytics and Radian6. I increased the company’s search ranking to #1 on search results for specific industry keywords targeting certain demographics.
I increased their overall lead generation by 300% within the first 90 days I was there…the company president held a meeting with the entire office at the end of the year and made the announcement. I designed promotional literature, produced about five videos, managed social media initiatives, email marketing campaigns, and blogging through an editorial calendar. I built the marketing infrastructure for the companies, and collaborated with the staff regularly to learn everything we could from each other.
I also created and developed a revenue generating email marketing service for 11 sub agencies. I ran the entire project, from the original phone consultation all the way to desigining every single email and campaign. At this point my employers expected me to work 60+ per week for them…
It was time to put all my attention back on moxieTODAY.

CI Workshop ROI of Compassion w Magalie René

The ROI of Compassion

Free Workshop [Video + Notes]

What if we took better care of the people who take care of our customers? If people felt nurtured, safe, and inspired how would it impact the way they show up with customers? How would that impact the bottom-line?

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