It’s about extending human life.

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Over the last twelve years, we travelled from city to city to identify new ways to share our evolutionary methodology and learnings from applying it along the way. We did what we learned to do at the beginning of this timeline: immerse into the cultural fabric, create space, and see what might unfold.

We created space and a learning experience to support the dean of an honors college to personalize our pedagogical innovation into the new first-year experience for honors students of a world-renowned research university resulting in $100 million to build a new college within the existing – it has since scaled to three other campuses.

We created space and a learning experience to invite the CEO of an asset management firm to start from within, build a deeper understanding of what’s important to their life, defining ethics that govern behavior resulting in the life desired, and a conversational process of building alignment through the creation of a shared vision. Then, we built a technology platform that streamlined the way the asset management firm distributed assets to the larger Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) community.

We created a preincubation model for higher education, incubators, accelerators, and cities to create an empowering space that invites receptive learners to experience the turning of their soul through self-directed gentle awakenings as they move into the next phase of where they learn to transmute the inner world into the gifts they share with the external world.

We unlock access to the people, knowledge, and tools for communities to evolve into the next iteration of themselves. To evolve into the next iteration of humanity.

For us, this journey continues to start from within. We move through the movements of life like a spiral. Being. Socializing. Making. Commercializing. Adapting. Transforming. Healing.

We are specially practiced at influencing profound systemic change in the academic community, municipal governments, conscious communities, ceremonial retreat centers, religious centers, spiritual communities, business associations, management consultancies, financial institutions, and a few more exciting projects are currently underway.

We represent change. We represent a new world. We have been on this journey for many years, but it wasn’t until post-pandemic did the time seem to become “right” for us. All of us. We, the people.

We don’t need to fit ourselves into any boxes of the world we see today. We feel comfortable expressing who we are, what we’ve done, where we come from, and what we see emerging.

People, organizations, and institutions have a series of decisions to make to bring them from where they are to where they’re going. In one day there are countless decisions. Carving out a new path by transforming into something new is one of the few possible next steps.


It’s about extending human life.

It’s about letting go of Darwin and Spencer, and acknowledging the shift to survival of the most cooperative.

This process of letting go of what we know to drop into the spiral of transformation can be frightening. Especially if it’s new. The alternative solutions can exacerbate the problem.

We show up in these moments alongside leaders like you. It’s why we’re here. To be with you as the ship gets turned around.

The relationship a human has with itself is sacred. The way a human interacts with their reality is sacred. This sacred entity, the human being, can be shared with more people in meaningful ways by transmuting its essence, higher truth, into accessible experiences that create space dedicated to supporting humanity through a transition that is already happening whether one is conscious of it yet.

“As within so without, as above so below.”

In extended periods of alone time, we learn to strengthen our ability to notice our intuition. Knowing it is there means we get to choose to lead from it. The knowing that which comes from within is the voice of truth. A higher truth, perhaps. It is from this truth can we speak from the highest wisdom of which we currently have access.

We have been “initiated” into nearly ten different cultures. Painfully rewarding. Moving through these adventures, embracing the discomfort, we improved our approach through each rotation around the spiral.

Life itself became an evidence-based evolutionary theory. Literally. The framework we’ve used for 12 years is built upon our lived experiences.

We applied the theory. Then we applied it again, and again. The theory is evolving into an evolutionary framework. One of many. Our mission is to find the others, establish a connection, strengthen social bonds, and create the initial conditions to see what unfolds.

The intention is to build a world, an ecosystem, a portfolio of culturally relevant ventures for your community inspired by the DNA of the lessons, insights, and teachings from our previous twelve years. Perhaps we combine our learnings and build something together.

We are open.

The ambition is to unlock access to these novel resources for more people to benefit from the evidence-based methods, frameworks, and schools of thought we are preserving from within the collective from our small little corner of the internet.

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