Health and fitness website checklist

fitness website checklistIf I want to help people be healthy I first need to know why they are not healthy to begin with.

Common excuses people use to not exercise or live healthy lives:

  • no time to workout or learn about nutrition
  • fitness gyms and healthy food is expensive
  • working a 9a-5p job makes them too tired to exercise
  • intimidation at the gym
  • not getting results

Think about the content you can produce that will combat those excuses.
Next, I need to find out how to get people to take action. I can’t be healthy for them.
According to research found in the 2012 Food and Health Survey, the following items motivate people to get healthy.

What motivates people to become healthy?

  • heart health
  • overall health and wellness
  • improve physical energy
  • digestive health
  • immune function
  • weight loss
  • satiety

With this information I can produce content specifically tailored to meet the needs of consumers. I know why people don’t exercise and I know what motivates people to become healthy.
According to the same survey, over 50% of Americans say it’s easier to do taxes than figure out how to eat well.
Are you producing information consumers are looking for?

Health and fitness website checklist:

  • online nutrition coaching
    • recipes – include prep time, cook time, total time, servings
    • eating out guide
    • general meal planner
    • daily nutrition planning
    • grocery shopping list
  • online personal trainer
    • personal customized workout routines
    • exercise at home plans and options
    • fitness planning, food and fitness journal, personal fitness calendars
  • mobile app
  • playlists
  • rewards (badges and points)
  • challenges and prizes
    • examples:  daily challenge, weekly challenge, monthly challenge, buddy challenge, get started, summer/winter challenges, 4 week slim down challenge
  • forums/message boards
  • weight tracking, nutrition tracking, fitness tracking
  • free trial leading to subscription
  • free ebooks and training videos
  • in depth ebooks and videos for sale
  • live video coaching and monthly subscription fees

Does your website make it easy for consumers to be healthy?

Health and fitness app checklist:

  • access to music
  • barcode scanner
    • scan nutrition facts from packaged foods)
  • podcast
    • answer FAQs and client questions – your customers can listen on the way to work
  • daily challenge
  • daily recipes
  • daily fitness routine
  • daily tips
  • grocery shopping lists
  • meal planner
  • calorie counter

What do you have in your fitness app or fitness website that I forgot to mention?

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