Growth hack my startup

As I study the most successful web and mobile products I notice a common theme. There are hundreds of communication channels at my disposal. How do i know which ones to use to leverage my app? It turns out, there are only a few channels that are considered “reliable” to actually scale user growth. To clarify, when…

First Round Capital Competitive Analysis

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be publishing a series of profiles on potential competitors. I was recommended to start by writing a profile on seed-stage venture capital firm, First Round Capital. First Round Capital is financially successful because they focus on being financially successful. The purpose of their funding model is to…

Business model for social entrepreneurs

It can be difficult for social entrepreneurs to build profitable business models. I outlined a framework below that a social entrepreneur can utilize in order to start thinking through a business model.

Startup Lessons

The place I started with this project was so convoluted. I was trying to be someone who built something that was not me.