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I have been working as Director of Marketing for the last 6-7 months. I learned a lot and it has been quite the experience, but I think it’s time go full time on moxieTODAY again. I have more professional experience and better knowledge of the corporate/business world. As I departed from the job I knew I had a lot of projects waiting for me. I am excited to start working in the community again.
I produced a film for Rutgers University to screen at a national conference they held at Rutgers: The Conference on Undocumented Students, Admissions, and Financial Aid. The 8 minute film is now being screened across the country. We are now in the process of producing a feature length film to produce nationwide this summer.
Here is the eight minute version we screened at the conference…

CI Workshop ROI of Compassion w Magalie René

The ROI of Compassion

Free Workshop [Video + Notes]

What if we took better care of the people who take care of our customers? If people felt nurtured, safe, and inspired how would it impact the way they show up with customers? How would that impact the bottom-line?

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