There are about 1,000 Americans refining the way we do business, communicate, and function as a society. These are the pioneers of our time…blazing a trail with every post. The ‘social pioneers’ are segregated from the masses because they are being overworked in a cutthroat business environment that demands them to create with every breath they take.

Professors are trying to incorporate new media but are usually reiterating something they found online. Are students paying tuition so they can watch their professor learn something? If the professor doesn’t understand then how are they teaching it to students? If graduates are jobless, maybe we need to give graduates new tools. Maybe we need to find new ways to engage the modern student, deliver knowledge to them and show them how to take action with knowledge.

The only people I know that are good at delivering messages that force people to take action are today’s marketers. And as I said, today’s marketers are being consumed by the corporations. These pioneer marketers need to make their way into the non profit sector. This article is written for the leaders of these companies with the hope they will start offering more programs that incorporate students from their local universities. There are hundreds of students at every university trying to learn this material…why not collaborate with universities so everyone can win?

Incorporating an effective year-long internship program can turn one salary into 10 graduate students. Think of the collaborative capacity and stamina your organization would gain. These students will most likely not develop your high end strategy…but they can start and manage entrepreneurial projects, collaborate, and increase the overall productivity of your organization…among so many other things. The best part is, you can harvest the funds for your initial investment from sponsors and clients as tax-deductible donations to the university. No out of pocket expense aside from the hours it takes to gather the initial investment.

Every pioneer in your agency can assume a professional intern or assemble a team and become their own think tank and profit center. This will deflate the amount of stress in your organization. Nothing great was built by one person.

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