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The intention of Three Years to Infinity is to embrace the transformation of people, organizations, and society.


Three Years to Infinity is the staircase we designed to walk through the transition from the finite to the infinite game. Meaning, life is infinite + cohorts are finite = something doesn’t fit here.

Through deep reflection into our past cohorts, an evidence-based theory emerged from the page as a fun, adventurous, and growth-driven curriculum comprised of collections of digital assets that we integrate into personalized learning ecosystems.

With nearly 3,000 learners in the waiting list for our January 2021 cohort we had a feeling that there was something more that we needed to integrate into our existential understanding of this work. Without further investigation, it wouldn’t feel right to launch the next cohort knowing it was not the best we could do with you.

Life does not start and stop when programs begin and end. Life is infinite. This type of work is a lifestyle. That means, to me, the support from people, programs, and technology should also be infinite. So that’s what we’re doing here.

Cohorts are exciting. They are challenging to plan and a thrill to manage. They are fun to be in as the learner. They are also simply a stepping stone on the staircase of our emergence.

To start, we designed a flexible 12 month calendar to provide you with year one of the three year transition. In year one, you are invited to explore the following programs.


Pathway A: Launch a venture impacting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Pathway B: Create space to start from within yourself to uncover your underutilized potential.


Pathway: Design adaptive curriculum to run cohort-driven programs independently or within institutions. This is for education administration, deans, chairs, program directors, etc to reimagine the possibilities of learning and the support to actually design and run the programs. We are here with you.


Create valuable projects for your world while using business to sustain and maximize your impact.


Transmute who you are and what you believe into income-producing digital assets.

Sacred Venture

Starting today, our new partnership with Sacred Venture gives all of our learners lifetime access to a technology platform that disrupts big players like Hubspot, Salesforce, Squarespace, Teachable, and more through a simple technology stack that makes it easier for learners to transmute who they are and what they believe into income-producing digital assets. We are curious to see how many learners become first-time asset owners.

Lifetime Access: Starting today (October 31st, 2021), when learners are accepted to any of our programs they automatically receive an email from Sacred Venture including an invitation link to signup and activate their account. We can’t wait to see what we create together.

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