"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

-George Bernard Shaw

Google Hangout: how to convert with ebooks

In this Google Hangout we will unpack the “Convert” section of the inbound methodology.

In this Google Hangout we will unpack the “Convert” section of the inbound methodology.

HUGS Hangout to Talk Info Products

Join us for a live Q & A to ask questions like:

  • How to write ebooks (you already know why it’s important, so let’s dig deeper)
  • How to choose the best topics to write about (topics so valuable people are willing to pay for the ebooks)
  • How to bundle your information products to create more value

BONUS: everyone who attends the hangout will receive a recorded copy of the entire meeting so you can utilize the information with your own teams internally.

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by Daniel D'Alonzo

14 Responses to Google Hangout: how to convert with ebooks

    • Hi Rich – can you tell me more about your business? The link you signed in with returned a broken URL. If you have a website for your business I can take a look at what you do so I can bring specific examples for your business to the call.

  1. What’s better… creating an ebook in powerpoint and then uploading it as a pdf or creating an interactive html ebook and using crazy egg for analytics. Also, how can we test CTA buttons in an ebook?

    • Hi Jason –

      1. what types of ebooks are you working with? What type of content? Stats? Text heavy? Graphic heavy?

      2. interactive ebooks tend to take shape of a SaaS – great idea if you’re able to keep the content updated. Otherwise, PDF is good.

      3. we’ll get into testing CTAs on the call

    • Hi Ellen – as a consultant you can use ebooks in a variety of ways:

      turn one time customers into repeat buyers

      increased contract size with clients while doing less work on your part

      establish yourself as an expert to prospects with the hope of converting them into a customer.

      establish yourself as an expert so you can raise your consulting prices

      I’ll go into specific examples on the call and bring a few more benefits to writing ebooks with me.

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