Grateful for challenges that life throws our way. Leveraging the adversity is how we earn honest pay.

We talk about “the man”, the “one percent”, and we give excuses. We justify our mediocrity at the expense of creative juices.

We tend to ask permission if we need to blame the system. We accept it everyday, “Here. Here’s the life that you’ve been given.”

There must be other options in this decision.

No time for, “Why me?”, the trap to feel yourself sorry. It’s time for, “I am me, the resilient one with a story.”

I am my first case study. Show my work and how it’s done. Just start. Jump in. Make a splash until I’ve won.

Your “personal life experiences”, are all I gotta say. Find the thread that connects them, and follow it all the way.

Share your darkest moments. Inspire us with a few. Give us courage. Give us strength. Help us make it through.

Help your neighbors. Help your family. Your friends and peers. Help them with your heart, your hands, and your ears.

Grow yourself on purpose. Imagine your ideal path. Collaborate with competition, and fruitful partnerships you shall hath.

Get in the business of helping people. Build startups to solve their problems. You’re the ones who are qualified to bring these new life outcomes.