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I invested my working life immersed in the diverse cultural pockets of the Americas.

Over the last twelve years, I traveled from city to city to identify new ways to share my evidence-based evolutionary methodology and the learnings from applying it along the way.

I did what I learned to do at the beginning: immerse into the cultural fabric, create space, and see what might unfold. As this chapter of my life comes to a close, I feel inspired to share the lessons I am learning and the ventures I am launching. One of the more profound lessons: nothing great was ever built alone.


Assets will be added here soon.


I want to share a personal story with you.

My intention is to let you know more about who I am, how I arrived here, and, perhaps, why I exist.

Discovering my purpose →

You have a voice. Use it.

Creating a podcast and publishing it to Spotify is challenging, costly, many options didn't let me own my data, and I would need to “rent” various softwares every month.

Finding a better way →

Create a program for learners to launch ventures impacting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Implement a proven-effective curriculum built upon an evidence-based methodology that reimagines higher education from the bottom-up and inside-out.

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The operational ventures comprised of digital assets I created and intentionally sequenced using behavioral patterns informed by the Four Movements.


The asset table representing the yearly staircase of emergence outlining the step-by-step approach to bring your whole self into the way you create a new digital asset every month.


Embody the six archetypes to implement the behavioral patterns to apply the Four Movements as a methodology to create decentralized applications.


Make meaningful and authentic contributions to stakeholder communities through environmental, social, spiritual, and financial opportunities.


The Four Movements is a science-based, evidence-driven evolutionary method to transmute your higher truth into income producing digital assets.

M&A Marketplace

One of the benefits of implementing these practices into your working life is that you get to imagine, build, and sell your life's work on your own terms.


Decentralized applications, or, dapps, are technology products that invite you, and your community, to reap the benefits of not having a central person or entity that has ownership over your data. I created these applications by bringing together existing technology in a way that enabled me to have access to the tools I needed to create value to sell to clients. What could you create with these tools?


The Ventures listed below are available for acquisition. Consider these Ventures similar to a skin or a template that lays on top of the dapps. I built these Ventures as a result of learnings from my work within communities at the grassroots level. I built and validated the Ventures using the Venture Lifecycle “Prototype → Minimum…

Sacred Venture (2021)

SaaS to build your learning ecosystem upon a holistic approach to learning that invites people into wraparound support designed specifically for healing and transformation.

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Emergent Leadership (2020)

An 8-week preincubator for learners to launch ventures that impact the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Vault (2021)

SaaS due diligence portal to share confidential updates, identify and protect intellectual property, track key performance metrics, and maintain documentation.

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Expressions (2019)

Expressions is a Spotify podcast series of future-facing conversations coming from a place of possibility.

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Exchange (2021)

NFT marketplace for one-of-a-kind cultural digital assets.

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Resilient Ones (2014)

Dynamic founders across the diverse cultural pockets of the world are building a life for themselves around who they are and what they believe. These are their stories.

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Action Horizon Institute (2015)

Postsecondary education program empowering learners with the tools, confidence, and agency to design a sustainable future.

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Wolfpack (2014)

Location-based voice application prevents domestic violence through human connection.

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Prethinc (2014)

Venture design studio building companies that serve human needs. Prethinc is what you do, before you do.

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I want to share a personal story with you.

I want to share a personal story with you.

Thank you for being here with me today 🙂. My intention is to let you know more about who I am, how I arrived here, and, perhaps, why I exist. One of my strengths is expressing my self-knowledge into digital assets that can impact a specific social, environmental, spiritual, and financial obstacle that I face in my life.

In 2009, I experienced a significant shift in the way I interact in the world. Since then, I migrated from city to city to learn about culture, understand myself, align with others on purpose, and work cooperatively to uncover underutilized potential from within myself and the communities of which I sewed myself into. My lifelong learning journey began after I finished my undergraduate degree. I acquired layers of resilient grit by rebuilding my life from scratch far too many times.

This is my story →
Trillion dollar valuation for the people extending (my) human life.

Trillion dollar valuation for the people extending (my) human life.

Before we unpack this valuation, I need to first take a few steps back to tell you more about how we arrived here.


“Sometimes you need to blow everything up and start over.”—DB

That is precisely what it has felt like over the last few months. Ground zero. I could see pieces on the ground, but not enough to put the puzzle back together. Not the way it was. I have been here before. Starting over. It is familiar. Too familiar.

“Have you heard the story of the woman who gets ready for the prom and then never ends up going?” -CF

“This is an investment. You can’t stop now. Keep going.” -SA

I look back on the articles I published over the last few weeks, especially this one, and one of the important lessons is

nothing great is made alone

Nothing great is made alone.

A course correction is in process as a result of recent findings about myself. Aristotle was right, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Lao Tzu said, “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

This course correction leads to a path into the unknown. This discovery is thanks to the people for which this article is written.

I am beginning to notice a unique collective of visionaries in my life. They seem to have embarked on a courageous journey to help me to help myself.

Wow. Talk about risk.


“There is power everywhere supporting him in his superhuman passage.” Elizabeth Gilbert

I am learning my most precious asset is myself. I am the only person who needs to be proud of me, and, until I more fully integrate this, I will continue to wait on the sidelines. There have been times I put myself in the nose bleed seats because of my refusal to explore the darkness.

I can’t help but see the way I moved through the last twelve years from a place of feeling like I was not a person who was capable of profound accomplishments. Why? I wasn’t receiving external validation from the people I shared my work with, and, the conditioning of my childhood taught me that means (irrationally) that my work is not important. That quickly translates in my mind into me not being important. This has led to a range of maladaptive behaviors: giving away my work to anyone who will listen without having boundaries on what’s for sale and what’s for free, terminating relationships, substance abuse, isolating myself, being a pet owner when I wasn’t equipped to even care for myself, living in fear of not being enough, participating in romantic partnerships that I wasn’t ready for, and more.

When my inner world says that I am not important, it makes sense that I would continue to perpetuate a life for myself built upon a false truth I was turning into my reality. I seem to have lived more of my life without realizing the true value of myself.

If I were to create an asset class for myself, I would call it my SELF.

For this new asset class, I define four pillars that can allow me to perhaps secure the asset and build upon its foundation in a way that fills it up like a well and increases its value incrementally overtime. Those pillars are: Humanity, Community, Innovation, and Impact.

Making space for your SELF

I want you to imagine there is a blue Tupperware bucket on the floor. There is a white label on the lid. The label reads SELF. Everything you and I know about me, Daniel, is placed in that bucket with the label SELF. My SELF is all about me. Like the website you are reading these words on. It’s one of the assets in my SELF. I will continue to work on my SELF as I move forward from here.

This next step is about another very precious asset class. This next step is about the PEOPLE.

This next step is about you.


“There is an invisible red thread that connects those who are destined to meet. Regardless of space, time, or circumstance the thread may stretch and tangle, but it will never break.” — Thin Red Thread, Chine Proverb

I healed a little more today because of you. I am grateful that I am starting to see that. You are spread out around the world creating a life for yourself around who you are and what you believe.

You are a person I look up to. You are a person who has or still does inspire me. You have taken care of me, provided me with food, shelter, and an opportunity to become myself. You are a good person doing good work to make the world I live in a good place.

You see in me what I was too scared to acknowledge.

I am beginning to see how much value you have added, are adding, and will continue to add to my life and work. From what I can see in this moment, there are over 100, perhaps over 1,000 people, who have contributed to this work in one way or another.

As I have been writing my way out of the dark night, I am seeing clear flashes of light in mind. The light shines on the pieces of the puzzle – the breadcrumbs – that you have left for me to find. As you shine a light on that which I have not yet seen, it is as if I am pulling the value down from the sky when the sentence I am writing calls for it. It’s like we’re breaking a code together while living in different places around the world.

Whether you and I have been aware of this or not, it seems that each of us represents pieces of this puzzle. It seems that this was all happening long before I could fathom such a thing. “You can only connect the dots looking backwards.” -Steve Jobs


VP planted a seed a few weeks ago when she said, “You know, you don’t need to build it on an existing blockchain. You can create your own entirely.” I was moving too fast at the time to understand the significance. I also didn’t have the capacity to see myself as someone who could create something that would be so valuable. Thanks to SA and JA, I have been able to have space to come back home to myself and (re)start this process from within.

I recently shared a simple use case about the Podcast Venture. Now, I’d like to widen the lens a bit with another use case.

In 2015, I was living in Princeton, New Jersey. This was the first city to experience the intentional rollout of the Four Movements.

As you can see in the video, it was a successful three months of establishing the foundation. Here’s another write-up from 2015 (the links in the article may be outdated, but it should be enough information for you to get the idea). As we typically do upon arriving to a new city, we started at the Princeton Public Library – here I am with PW.

We sent out weekly updates to people in our network. One of them, was a previous mentor of mine who was now the dean of the Honors Program at Rutgers. At this time, the Honors Program had approximately 80 students. I know this because I was invited to speak to them, run workshops, etc over the years prior.

The dean replied to one our stakeholder update emails and said that we should consider bringing this work back to Rutgers. I setup the meeting, sat with the dean, and walked him through each step of the pedagogical innovation. There we were, in his office, and I watched him at his desk sketching out the concepts on paper as the words came out of my mouth. I had no idea of the value that was being exchanged in the room. At the time, I wasn’t ready to comprehend the magnitude of what was happening.

Shortly after, I was invited by the dean to a pitch meeting where he presented the new approach to the administration to show what higher education could be like. He raised nearly $100 Million out of the gate to establish this as a new college – a living and learning community – an individual entity within the larger university ecosystem. Higher education in the state of New Jersey, and beyond, seemed to evolve from here.

The Honors Program started with 80 students who previously met in a random auditorium periodically throughout the semester. It soon evolved into a 2,000 student Honors College that existed as a microcosm illustrating what was possible for the larger university ecosystem (DB planted the microcosm seed). At one point, there were 500 students going through the first-year experience every year which was, essentially, a clone of what we piloted in Princeton. We provided the scaffolding for this transformation, and the content was filled in by the university.

When I decided to take a risk and share the methodology with the dean it was because I wanted to install the innovation into the university that was responsible for positively impacting the trajectory of my life. This was a contribution we made to Rutgers as a way of saying “Thank you.” The dean took a risk to pitch this to the administration. Rutgers experienced rapid short-term returns. The bet paid.

While the program was initially designed for a different demographic, the dean decided to first build this new college as a mechanism for attracting the “best and brightest elite students”. Eventually, Rutgers scaled the program design to three other campuses across the state – the difference of the new franchises were that they were specifically for non-traditional students who didn’t come from the “elite”. This is the demographic that the innovation initially existed to serve. These are the resilient ones who have been building a life for themselves by solving their own problems on a daily basis: “Where will I sleep tonight? How will I eat? Am I safe?” Who better to innovate solutions to our greatest challenges then such an amazing collective of humans?

The total value of this use case is unknown. We do, however, have enough data to create a modest calculation. Keep in mind, these numbers are specifically for the higher education vertical.


The risk we took did not provide a short-term return. However, now that several years have past, we can measure the efficacy and success of the pilot program. This data provides us (those of you who wish to be included) with a path to move forward knowing the risk is low, and the return is high. This is because our pilot generates impact across environmental, social, and governance metrics. In doing so, it inherently becomes higher in market value.

What if you and I bring this work to more institutions?

  • $100 Million X 10 customers = $1 Billion
  • $100 Million X 100 customers = $10 Billion

There are over 25,000 universities in the world. If we worked with 0.1% of all universities it would be 2,500 universities:

  • $100 Million X 2,500 customers = $250 Billion

What if you and I brought this work to another vertical like government or business? How can we serve this to companies like Deloitte, Accenture, and McKinsey? How can we serve the financial community by walking them through a new investment strategy that starts from within? How can we evaluate the due diligence process? How can we create space for the new economy to emerge?

How can we package this work into a pill that can be swallowed by these institutions? How can we manufacture the vitamins that these customers, or partners, will take everyday as they integrate the new approach until it is a lifestyle?

My intention is to write a white paper and raise $20 Million in the next 6-18 months.

This number seems accurate given who you are, what I’d like to accomplish, what we’ve already accomplished together, and how it measures up with companies on similar trajectories.

Dr. G planted a seed a few months ago when he told me to look at both intrinsic and extrinsic value.

With such a big family involved, I’d like to communicate with each of you about the nature of our relationship up until now. I would like to learn more about your side of this equation. A cascade of questions come up for me in this moment, but before I can start I need to know more about what I don’t currently know.

What has your experience been like? Why have you been involved? What have you learned from this journey (what’s in your SELF)? How can you and I move forward from here, if at all?

If we move beyond the above, I would like to discuss the white paper with things like (1) having your name included with the passages that speak into the ways you added value, and/or (2) being involved as much or little as you’d like in the sections that are a representation of your existence, and/or (3) immersing yourself in the work with me to have a direct hand in shaping this ecosystem together, and/or the ideas you have for working this out.

How can we calculate fair market value of the value you already invested? How can we formulate an engagement that illustrates how and when you will receive your principal, and, if applicable, your gains? What do gains mean to you? How can we generate different types of gains based on what each of us needs? How can we receive value in the form of something like a dividend (thanks to SA and JA for this one)? What else?

In 2019, RT asked me, “If you were to give me a position, or a role, where I was sharing my gifts in a way that helped me make a living, what would it be?” One of Remy’s superpowers is imagination. I replied, “You would help people build their capacity for using their imagination. From here, you could facilitate future-facing conversations that come from a place of possibility. This is important because it is a pre-cursor for creating a shared vision across a group of purpose-driven people.”

I invite you to ask me the same question, and any other question, when we talk next.

EW planted a seed when she told me that mycelium is like an organism that allows all the trees to communicate, learn what the other trees need, and it can even bring that which is needed from one tree through itself as a network and deliver it to the tree in need.

So, here’s to the next step. Here’s to the PEOPLE. Here’s to you.

Such a beautiful person you are.

If you have an interest in any of this, please drop your name in the form below to let me know you’d like to chat. I will receive notification after you schedule a time. I will prepare for our call by being ready to share my perspective of the value you have added, are adding, and, perhaps, will add in the future. I encourage you to do the same.

I am looking forward to it.

Thank you for everything you’ve done to help me. I am grateful.

– Daniel

Autonomous ventures evolve from the integration of operating models and microsites.

Autonomous ventures evolve from the integration of operating models and microsites.

The intention of this article is to teach you about the Microsite asset included in ventures acquired from me.

Houses are built on land like microsites are built on servers. Houses have addresses like microsites have domain names. When you acquire a venture, you get the land and a house. Make this house your home.

  • Introduction
  • Operating Model
  • Components
  • Feedback Loops
  • Ask Me Anything
  • Venture Evolution
  • Mitigation Risk
  • Venture Portfolio


Microsites can evolve into ventures that operate autonomously when you strategically embed a business model represented by digital assets into the microsite.

Operating Model

I created the sketch below to illustrate that which I refer. I start with paper to sketch first because I am downloading what I currently see in my mind onto the easiest format as a first step. Using paper allows me to work through several iterations quickly while also spinning up the live microsite where you are reading this article. The diagram shows my current perception of how to design the operating model of the venture I aspire to launch by integrating elements of it into the technology of the microsite.

microsite asset breakdown sketch on paper

There are several components to one of my microsites. A few other elements that are not included in the sketch: the exchange of the value proposition (the way value moves between you and I), a section that describes partnerships and how to partner with me, a resource library, and anything else a business model needs.


The intention of the list below is to briefly explain the elements you see in the diagram I sketched in the picture above.

  • Microsite: this is the base installation of WordPress that comes with the tools you need to launch your Podcast Venture.
  • RSS feed: this is the mechanism that signals to Spotify when you publish new episodes to your microsite that now need to be published to your Spotify show.
  • Support: the Ask Me Anything feature is a feedback loop that invites your community to ask you questions about your Podcast Venture 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Pages: as with any WordPress site, you can create and modify as many pages as you’d like. I include a drag and drop page builder with acquisition.
  • Forms: in addition to the forms I already created for the Podcast Venture, you can also create as many new forms as you’d like using the drag and drop form builder.
  • Blog: there are two templates included for you to have one page that lists all of your blog posts, and a second template is included for you to show one blog post at a time. Blog posts are an example of organic marketing that increases traffic to your microsite, and, perhaps, retains existing listeners with new content.

I will dive into the features listed above in upcoming articles. For now, I will speak into the support feature, Ask Me Anything, and the way it is applied to the Podcast Venture. I can use the same Ask Me Anything support functionality I discuss below on any of my ventures, and you can too. First, I will share a bit about the concept of feedback loops.

Feedback Loops

The intention of online support is to provide your community with a channel to communicate with you and your teams regarding any issues, questions, and requests for new features. This is known as a “feedback loop”, and is a helpful element to launching, managing, and growing your venture. Here’s an example of how I am applying the feedback loop concept in the Podcast Venture.

Ask Me Anything

I built this feature for myself so that I could offer a space for you to ask me questions about the Podcast Venture. Additionally, this is the place you will go when you have any question related to your venture’s technology, marketing, and design. I also built this feature to use on the Podcast Venture with you because now you can also use the feature with your community.

Ask Me Anything

Until now, I managed this process manually and did my best to make myself available to everyone I worked with through phone calls and in-person meetings. I am learning that I can provide better support through online spaces such as this one.

My thought process: As my needs evolve, I can add additional features. For now, I intentionally hold back features except for the one single feature we need to maintain a steady and consistent flow of communication as we move through the iteration process together.

Venture Evolution

I create the microsite in such a way that, once the beta version is built, it can operate autonomously. That means, the microsite runs (most of) the venture by itself. This increases the value of the Podcast Venture by removing friction in the process of launching new ventures, or, placing bets.

Mitigating Risk

Change is the only constant. I know what worked yesterday, and, even this morning, it’s likely already going out of style. In order to future-proof myself, stay ahead of the curve, and figure out how to serve you in serving myself I must have the capabilities to place many bets. Such bets are things like the Podcast Venture. It doesn’t cost a lot to create, and it has a potential return. The way to get there is through validated learning like I began to discuss in yesterday’s post about using the scientific method to launch ventures that make an impact.

In the Podcast Venture, for example, I am always learning something because I am listening, watching, reading, observing so that I can get a sense of what is happening. Situational awareness is helpful for me. The learning provides the data for which I pull insight from which then drives my next decision in how I will shape the venture.

Venture Portfolio

This microsite is built as a subdomain of my virtual estate: I cloned an existing venture to start with the right tools faster and for less than all the other platforms I would need to start a business.

Once this venture is operating autonomously that means I can continue qualitative research methods to identify (1) how and why I will make changes to the Podcast Venture, and (2) what and why to build the next venture for your acquisition based on your evolving needs.

The process never ends. It’s a lifelong learning journey.

That’s all for now. I will continue documenting my process of launching the Podcast Venture and the steps I am taking along the way.

– Daniel D.

Acquiring ventures that seamlessly integrate as culturally relevant experiences.

Acquiring ventures that seamlessly integrate as culturally relevant experiences.

I began learning about mergers and acquisitions when I merged with a client and closed down my company in 2012.

At first, I worked with the founder of the new company I merged with to build out the culture, services, and leadership structure. After that, it was a knowledge-transfer while I worked as an employee.

I now see that I can do the same thing (create value), and sell it to another company (acquisition) without shutting down my operations. Perhaps I can even accomplish such a thing by packaging the entire venture in a way that can be swallowed like a pill.

I wondered, “If my ability to thread my purpose into the way I create value is the attractive quality to an acquirer, then I will simply figure out how to excavate myself and package the value proposition in a way that can be easily acquired and integrated into the acquiring company. The Podcast Venture is a simple use case that illustrates that it is possible to package a venture into a swallowable pill which enables the acquirer to seamlessly integrate the new value into the way they currently operate.

The intention of this article is to explore how and why the future of work is driven by creators who have autonomy and are authentically expressing themselves into products that are easy pills for incumbents to swallow and course-correct before it’s too late.

Table of Contents

  • M&A Strip Mining
  • Latency
  • Receptivity
  • Linchpins
  • Upstream
  • Cost
  • Risk
  • Time
  • Transparency
  • Evidence
  • Unsolvables
  • Interdependence
  • Finding another way
  • Opportunity
  • Knowledge Dump
  • Ecosystem
  • Caretaker
  • Being
  • Archetypes
  • Space
  • Invisible
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Pain Killer
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Magnetic
  • Purpose
  • 5th Dimension of Inception

M&A Strip Mining

From the story I shared above, and from the stories I have heard from friends with exits, is that the acquiring company strip-mines their startup for the resources it needs. Similar to the way we strip-mined the earth for the resources we need.


In my experience working on myself, and working with CEOs, deans, mayors, and leaders across the country, I can say, at least about myself, that I do not always know what I need. It is sometimes only through the lens of others do I have an opportunity to see that which I have not yet seen. The more I operate from a place of doing without giving myself time and space to notice all there is to see, the more I sabotage myself and prevent myself from evolving.


When I act from a place of “I know what I need, and I do not need anyone to tell me otherwise.” It means that I am now creating a product from my ego – it’s me taking actions that are built upon assumptions. This practice was helpful for me at the start of my career – in 2009 – because I was still getting acquainted with the tools and getting on a path of refining my craft.


One of the requirements for innovation to flourish within a company is receptivity. Especially by the leadership. The innovators are the linchpins and companies need to have capabilities or pathways to building capabilities for comprehending what to do and how to be when it comes to managing innovation.


The deals I am referring to are those that produce clear short-term gains from the acquisition. Meanwhile, it’s like everyone is down at a waterfall playing in the water because they don’t realize there is poison coming from upstream and into the same water they’re rubbing all over themselves.


I watch company after company explore what it means to innovate by investing $25k up to millions into “buying” and “doing” as they try to turnaround, “change”, and gain an edge. It seems to be an economy built upon the doings, perhaps. I see CEOs spend money simply because it’s associated with success.


I have been hired to create new products and product lines in private (without the customer) over the course of months and months. Whether the market will adopt the new feature or new product is unknown. It’s like placing one quite large bet with one chance of a return – similar to flipping a coin 1:1.


The existing mergers and acquisition timeline is typically one that can take a few months to years. This is not an implication that incumbents will suddenly shift their practices. It is my contention that an alternative pathway is present.


Another source of issues in new deals and when existing companies make decisions to work with a provider or build a product, there is not transparent access to information on both sides. This means there is an inability to gain full situational awareness which, for me, is a prerequisite for building trust. This is similar to a cancer that can, eventually, metastatize into self-sabotage.


By 2014, I had too much evidence to prove that the current way was not the way that was going to be the way for very much longer. It is not because I was going to “change the system” or do anything. I simply could see that which I was blind to. This is when it became like Plato’s “Allegory of the cave”. I had seen behind the curtain and I couldn’t unsee anymore.


My current position on existential risk is that we, the people, are, perhaps, facing extinction. When I speak into this topic from the view of the collective, it seems that our collective behavior is producing institutional failure. When I speak into this topic on a micro level, it seems that I am a person who participates in a way of life that may result in my extinction.


In my experience, one of the reasons I struggle, as a member of the human race, is because I am navigating the transition away from survival of the fittest, to survival of the most cooperative.


That means letting go of the lifestyle, culture, and planet I was born with to create space for something new to emerge.

Finding another way.

It is my contention that the fundamental principles governing the way I participate in the free market are ill-equipped to serve my evolving needs. To continue participating in the same way of life is to perpetuate the existence of challenges which may prevent my existence.


From 2009 to 2012 was the period of time when I went from college dropout to college graduate who teaches university classes and brought his first company to an exit. I must have done something right.

Knowledge Dump

On October 11th, 2014 I sat down and began writing. For 23 days in a row, I sat in my chair at my desk and I wrote. For approximately 12 hours per day, I wrote about my life, what I was learning, and what I could see emerging in the future. After about 100,000 words, the phases of a methodology popped-off the page and looked me right in the eye.

Here’s the outline I made at the end of 23 days.

knowledge dump outline

Here is the initial sketch of the methodology I extracted from my working life between August 2009 and August 2012.

preincubation pipeline

It went through a few iterations since then. Tere are currently four phases and I call them the Four Movements.

four movements

Initially, I tried to create a new company for each movement so that people could bring themselves through the specific experience of humanity, and, when it felt right, they could decide to bring themselves into the next company which was built upon the next movement. I worked through several iterations of this strategy as I traveled from city to city to learn from the others as I brought what I was learning from the journey.

To learn more about the story behind the story, visit this article where I share more about my personal journey.


I realized that I began to grow into the flower I am today because in 2009 I was invited into a new type of garden. An organic learninge environment that acted as my preincubation pipeline into the world.


The architect of my learning environment new that in order to grow new flowers – produce new outcomes – we, the people, need to plant new gardens. This is about context. Create the new context (garden) first…


Then decide what goes in the soil and which elements (assets: people, places, things) might support an individual as they embark on the lifelong learning journey into the unknown.

digital asset portfolio


A flower with no gardener (caretaker) may grow resilient in the wild, but the lifespan of a rogue organism can be short and painful.

This speaks into the importance of knowing who is taking care of my garden, who I invite into my garden, and being intentional with how I protect and care for my garden. This devotional life I speak to you about is sacred. Birthing these types of ventures into the world is no different from birthing a child.


I noticed that when I spent more time in the “being”, I began to see things I needed to see in order to have the insight into the next steps.

This is where I came up with the idea of the Prethinc Paradigm.

Prethinc Paradigm

Prethinc is what you do, before you do. This is meant to represent a new way of being in our working lives. It also became the foundation for a digital suite of products built upon the archetypes that represent the behavior patterns of growing a venture that makes an impact.


This resulted in the six archetypes which represent the behavioral patterns I tend to embody as I moved through the Four Movements: The Self, The Storyteller, The Listener, The Gatherer, The Creator, and The Manager.


Another way of looking at it is from the micro to macro perspective.

self micro macro


It is about creating space to be with more of myself.

I am learning that the relationship a human has with itself is sacred. The way I interact with my reality is sacred. This sacred entity, the human being, myself, can be shared with more people in meaningful ways by transmuting its essence, higher truth, into accessible experiences that create space dedicated to supporting humanity through a transition that is already happening whether one is conscious of it yet.

In extended periods of alone time, I learn to strengthen my ability to notice my intuition. Knowing it is there means I get to choose to lead from it. The knowing that which comes from within is the voice of truth. A higher truth, perhaps. It is from this truth can I speak from the highest wisdom of which I currently have access.

Sacred Venture

To arrive at a place where I can hear and feel the flicker of a flame from deep within my soul. This intuitive light provides direction. Like a compass that guides me into the unknown. Once I am on the path, it means I am taking steps in my life. Once a few steps have been taken, I can use reflection to identify the dots of my history. In doing so, I can see how the dots connect. Steve Jobs said, “We can only connect the dots looking backwards.”

I compare this process similar to that of breadcrumbs. I take a step, pickup the breadcrumb, and eat it. Look around. Notice the different breadcrumbs that surround me and make a decision as to which one I will take a step towards next. When it feels right, take the next step, pickup that breadcrumb, and keep going. One at a time. Step by step.


I am learning that many of the critical skills I acquired were not simply how to make things that help people. There were also skills that were “soft”. Or, as Mr. Rogers said, “The most important things we need to learn are invisible.” It was about the person I was becoming. A person learning how to ground himself in things like love, compassion, and empathy.

Learning Environment

I find that when I am in this “heart space”, it influences my behavior. It influences the way I show up in the world. It influences the ideas I come up with. This speaks into the importance of designing a learning environment, or, ecosystem, for myself which is comprised of the essential ingredients that I know, from trial and error, enable my personal transformation in a specific way.

Competitive Advantage

The invisible skills I mention above are not available transactionally. They are acquired – they are built overtime – as a result of immersing myself in experiences that result in some type of personal transformation. That means, the ability to thread my purpose into the way I create value is, in fact, the value that is desired by the acquiring company. Whether they know this yet, or not, this is going to have a profound impact on the way the new economy unfolds. Especially because it creates a defensive moat around the creator who would typically lose their autonomy in these deals. When enough creators get behind this transition, it can begin to put power back into the hearts, minds, and souls of the people.

Pain Killer

Then I wondered, “How can I package a venture in a way that: helps unlock the underutilized potential from within the acquiring company?; changes the lives of those people?; and, it can be swallowed like a pill?”

Lifelong Learning

Sure, I would need to include training and support with the acquisition. I consider those types of services “vitamins” that the acquiring company takes everyday. This provides infrastructure for the people to embrace a working life that encourages them to become the highest and most truthful expression of themselves. Why is that important for work?


I want you to imagine that you run a company that has a support team. I am a customer. When I call your support team, am I communicating with a person who feels loved, supported, and encouraged to make mistakes and do what it takes to make my life better? Or, am I communicating with someone who isn’t really sure where they stand or whether they are working for a company that has their best interest in mind?


Simon Sinek says, “People don’t care what you do, they care why you do it.” When I start from purpose it can have a magnetic effect that attracts and unifies people around who I am and what I believe.

Fifth Dimension of Inception

When I create space to start this journey from within it creates the conditions that influence the inception of a specific type of idea that leads to solving a specific type of solution to solve a specific type of problem for a specific type of person which attracts a specific person to be on a specific team which leads to a specific type of venture which, by its inherent nature, produces a specific type of impact from within the receptive communities for which it serves.

In Conclusion

The intention of this article is to untangle some of the more complex issues associated with playing the game of today’s economy as it relates to equity. I will continue to refine this article and include videos, images, and links overtime. For any questions, please reach out.

— Daniel

Using the scientific method to incrementally launch a podcast venture that makes an impact.

Using the scientific method to incrementally launch a podcast venture that makes an impact.

The intention of this post is to unpack the steps I am going through to launch the Podcast Venture and my thought process behind why I take each step along the way.

I am launching the Podcast Venture using three phases: Prototype, MVP, and Beta.For example, the idea to package this Podcast Venture was influenced by specific people, places, and things within my learning environment.


The intention of this phase is to quickly publish the concept to the web to see if anyone cares. In three days, I brought the idea from within my heart, mind, and soul out into the digital world as a microsite that clearly outlines the problem, solution, customer, etc.

Podcast Venture prototype

The above is the home page of the microsite. To get a better understanding of how I embed the strategic thinking of “Prototype” into this microsite, here is the userflow. A userflow is basically the steps a person will walk themselves through on the path to acquiring the Podcast Venture. The userflow for the Prototype is the first row in the sketch below.

Podcast Venture user flow and wireframes

As you can see from the flow listed above, during this phase, I did not create the entire product just yet. Sure, I had all the assets from the podcast I launched in 2020, but, I had no reason to go through all the work of packaging it together in a format that is ready for someone to purchase. My hypothesis was that there is no person that is interested in this product. Until proven wrong, it’s important not to build anything else.

On Sunday, November 21st, I shared one status update on my personal Facebook and LinkedIn. I could see a slight spike in traffic to the Podcast Venture microsite. On Tuesday, November 23rd, I received notification of the first person to land on the Podcast Venture and submit their email address to start the process of reviewing the assets.

Minimum Viable Product

The intention of this phase is to continue laying down product a few steps ahead of the people who are interested in acquiring the Podcast Venture.

As I mentioned, I had not built the next steps yet. Once I received this email notification, it informed my next steps. I setup a Calendly account, created a 15-minute meeting option, and shared the link with the potential acquirer to schedule a time with me. The intention of this call is to walkthrough the assets and be there to answer any questions. I also updated the form on the Podcast Venture microsite so that after it is submitted, the user automatically receives the link to schedule a 15-minute call with me on Calendly.

The userflow for the Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, is the second row on the sketch listed below.

Podcast Venture user flow and wireframes

This version of the Podcast Venture will contain everything it needs for an acquirer to complete the purchase transaction and setup the Podcast Venture on their own server, on their own time, and without my involvement in the process.

In order to get this far, I will need to go from 0 customers, to 1 customer. The journey of going from 0 to 1 is how to see the path that will be eventually be automated. Otherwise, without a first customer, there is no path.


The intention of this phase of the Podcast Venture is to provide ongoing service and support in exchange for a recurring fee or monthly subscription of some type. I have not yet decided if this is something I will offer for the Podcast Venture. At this point, I have no reason to believe this is necessary. If I am proven wrong, I will reconsider by reviewing my options and packaging the monthly offers based on the data I gather from interactions with the people who acquired the self-hosted option.

Next steps

My intention is to continue documenting my process of launching the Podcast Venture.

— Daniel D.

This Virtual Estate is exclusively owned by Daniel Peter D’Alonzo, born on October 3rd, 1984 in Morristown, New Jersey.

This Virtual Estate is comprised of the processes, digital assets, and ventures I uncovered and created that make a positive social, environmental, spiritual, and financial impact on my life and work. The full rights to all of my inventions, ventures, and assets are available for acquisition.

This Virtual Estate is exclusively owned by Daniel Peter D’Alonzo, born on October 3rd, 1984 in Morristown, New Jersey.

I, Daniel Peter D’Alonzo, retain full ownership, rights, and responsibilities over any and all decisions to use, re-use, produce, reproduce, modify, and sell any content, sequences, patterns, and strategies found within this Virtual Estate. The intention of this Virtual Estate is to exist, as it is now, until at least the year 2100.

The digital assets available within this Virtual Estate are strategically sequenced into digital asset collections which represent operational ventures. Ventures, digital assets, and processes are transferrable, moveable, and are easy to setup anywhere in the virtual world. Ventures are stored as digital asset collections and are packaged for you to acquire, clone, reproduce, and integrate into your life, teams, communities, organizations, and societies.

The digital assets listed throughout this Virtual Estate are replicas of the original digital assets. Any and all original digital assets and ventures are automatically delivered upon successful acquisition.

This Virtual Estate provides provenance chain-of-ownership of the evidence-based evolutionary methodology discovered from my lived experiences for transmuting a life of adversity into income-producing digital assets by starting from within. I named this methodology the Four Movements. It represents a new approach to behavior change that influences the intent of empathic, compassionate behavior combined with the technical resources I created to provide myself with access to the tools I needed to survive.

This Virtual Estate will live on its own, as it is, indefinitely, or, until all digital assets and ventures have been acquired. Upon which, this Virtual Estate will naturally transition itself to a read-only website.

Upon the end of my natural life, this Virtual Estate will immediately become open-sourced, and available to the public for free. Until then, I will work one-on-one with each acquirer to integrate this work in new and meaningful ways.

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