A Daniel D'Alonzo miniseries

The Resilient Ones

This is for the risk-takers and system-shakers. The real deal. The people who ask "why, why, why".

Episode 2: Charlie Kratovil

Charlie Kratovil, founder of New Brunswick Today. “We’ve been able to do something amazing here in New Brunswick. While the prevailing narrative has been news outlets closing down and limiting their coverage, we’ve been able to start something new. Folks are counting on us. We are a mega phone to the people. A voice for the voiceless.” #theresilientones

Episode 1: Wacinque Bemende

Founder of the Global Permanent Investment Account (GPIA). “The puzzle that is always on my mind is the puzzle of poverty. I decided to make that my life’s work. The Native Americans have a circle to represent ongoing connectedness. I designed a multigenerational dividend stock account that operates the same way. I call it the Global Permanent Investment Account (G.P.I.A.).” #theresilientones