Partners in our network are unsatisfied with the status quo.
The process I have implemented, refined, and continue to iterate upon scales the impact of an investment by streamlining the social enterprise process. Investing in social entrepreneurs can be difficult. We want to make the process easy for both the investor and the empathetic entrepreneur.
Our platform connects investors with emerging entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place to live, work, play and raise a family.
The Managing Director of Bain Capital, Josh Beckenstein, articulates the value of working with an intermediary such as Prethinc.

Investing in social entrepreneurs requires solid due diligence. I need someone to figure out who the right entrepreneurs are, what are the right ideas to invest in. -Josh Beckenstein

We approach due diligence in a unique way. Our due diligence is pre-due diligence. It is built into our process and is engrained in the ecosystem and our development process. We grow social entrepreneurs rather than select them from a crowd.

Social Enterprise Methodology

I invented the social enterprise methodology. I discovered the nuanced methodology from the reflection of my personal life experiences. Since 2009, I have proven the effectiveness of my methodology. I have successfully scaled the model across sectors.
The social enterprise methodology mitigates financial risk by growing our customers from emerging visionaries of their local neighborhoods into empathetic entrepreneurs networked across the state, nation, and world working towards a shared vision for our one human race.
Investors scale impact by scaling the impact of the founder.
This “mirroring effect” enables us to multiply the impact by empowering a small number of emerging visionaries with the resources and support to impact more of the constituents from their local communities.
Prethinc partners with alternative investors to outline a long-term capital strategy including Prethinc as the preincubation pipeline offering monthly bootcamps designed to transform creators and bring their projects into the world. We connect the entrepreneurs with strategy, capital, and technology.

Emerging Visionaries

We hand select self-motivated emerging entrepreneurs who have a track record of actively building relationships in their community, creating value through self-expression of their art and culture, the creation of jobs and economic opportunity for others, and we invite them to experience our programming.
There is an educational, experiential, and entrepreneurial component to the lab. By the third phase, the individual will have attached a business model to the value they created for their local community.
You are able to work alongside our empathetic entrepreneurs to learn from one another and help provide guidance and insights.
We’ve been able to take what was a complex and messy process and streamline it.

Why are we motivated to impact American youth?

I was born into poverty. I grew up surrounded by many of the same obstacles I help our constituents overcome today. I speak the same language. I understand what it is like to be in their shoes, and that’s not because I use my imagination. It is because I was born in their shoes and will always be in their shoes for the rest of my life.
Throughout history we have yet to empower the individual suffering from a social problem by placing her in the driver seat and providing her with the resources to figure out a solution to her own problem. Society is quick to blame that individual, but it is not often will we watch society take a time out from their day to come together and figure out how we might collectively impact this issue within our community.
Prethinc would like to offer an alternative option for approaching the way we solve social problems. Rather than a top-down approach that gives a lot of money to a few people at the top to fix a problem the people at the bottom have, we bring in people who are actually dealing with the problem into a nurturing process of personal and professional development.
This project is about finding the small pockets of the city that are being revived into dynamic communities of friendship, trust, hope, compassion, and love. We seek to find the creatives behind these insurgencies so that we may empower them with more resources to increase their capacity, create jobs for their neighbors, and deepen their impact.
We invite select entrepreneurs to join our incubator to grow their existing solo-entrepreneur projects into larger businesses that create jobs for the communities in which they presently live.

Unfair Advantage

I earned a number of unfair advantages by choosing to never accept the status quo. Born into humble beginnings. Fortunately, at a young age, I learned to play the cards I was dealt with confidence.
Today, the only thing that can hold us back from reaching our individual potential is ourselves. This is very different from a time when you had to be “chosen” for the good job, born into wealth, or ask for permission to be authentic.

The currency of the future can be found in the results of our creative expression.

To reach this state of consciousness is not based on one’s initial decision to walk this way. It requires persistence to continue when everyone around you says that you are wrong. Each time I decided to stand up after being knocked down would mean another layer of resilient grit that would be blessed upon me.
The unique value I propose are the results of deep self-reflection, continuous exploration, and creative expression. For that reason, to experience the benefits of something I create requires a relationship with Prethinc and myself.
Existing organizations and programs that target this population are able to have an impact and we seek to learn from each of them. However, I clearly draw a line in the sand by differentiating my work from that of existing programs:

Many are aiming at the board, but few have hit the bull’s eye. If you ask me, it’s because they are aiming at the wrong target.

That doesn’t mean other programs aren’t effective, but the solutions are not reaching the systemic issues which cause the actual problem.
Having a program defined by a constituent who dealt with the actual problem is an essential element of building businesses that solve social problems. This is something often overlooked in this country. Investors and philanthropists with a desire to make an impact traditionally work with foundations who gift money to smaller organizations who work to impact the issue.
If the product is built by someone outside of the target population it will be rejected by the target.
We have been unable to solve the same social problems which have plagued this great nation for 250 years. That tells me something isn’t working with the current model. If we don’t ask why, why, why and go back to when it started, then we aren’t going back far enough, and we are not healing.
Prethinc is developing partnerships with those who have a desire to make a serious impact on the lives of those who continue to suffer on a daily basis. I am interested in the impact investors and venture philanthropists who want to be involved on an intrinsic level. I am interested in developing, growing, and learning from you. I
I am looking for the risk-takers and the system-shakers. The real deal. The people who ask why why why. The creatives. The innovators. The loud ones and the quiet ones. This one right here…this is for the resilient ones.
Stand with us. Stand with us to transform deeply entrenched problems into financial opportunities for all stakeholders.