I’d like you to meet my co-founder, Svetlana.

Svetlana at LA coffee shop 2023

Svetlana shares her story with you down below. Before we get to her, I want to set the stage. Our vision is to manage a portfolio of ventures that invite people to live more meaningful and harmonious lives. The venture that helps us realize this vision is the Sagrada real estate group. If you missed […]

From Uber Eats delivery to real estate developer.

9 May 2024 On and Up

In 2021, I swung for the fences, and I failed. I failed. I failed. I failed. I lost everything. Perhaps it wasn’t the right time, or I simply wasn’t ready. In April 2022, I got a job delivering food for Uber. On a bicycle. I couldn’t afford to buy or rent a car. The choice […]

Preincubation pipeline influences entrepreneurial intent

90 days after graduation, I filed the incorporation papers for my first social enterprise. The university invested in the project, granted me access to a private new media studio, and the English Chair invited me to design the curriculum for, and teach, my first undergraduate course.

Daniel immerses each student in an experience that unlocks their potential

Hi, my name is Simon Gabriel. I am a scholar in the first cohort of a new program offered by Action Horizon Institute of Technology. Daniel immerses each student in an experience that unlocks their potential I asked Daniel if I could write this post because I want to make sure you know what the […]

Manifestos and Mantras

I wake up some days struggling to remember the meaning of my work. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been wasting time. Do you ever feel like this?