White Lotus Studio Highland Park NJ

White Lotus Studio in Highland Park, New Jersey hosts a successful Haiti Relief event January 2010. Anytime you’re in Highland Park stop by and say hi to Marlon, owner of White Lotus. He has an amazing businesses and I guarantee you’ll be so comfortable you’ll never want to leave!    

Hub City Revival Documentary Trailer

As I was documenting the ward campaign I was able to meet a lot of local artists and musicians. Finally I met Nicole Koupiaris, Jay Silent Knight, and Ras Ujimma Paris…founders of Hub City Revival. At this point they had hosted about 8 events and were looking for a videographer and organizer for their group. […]

New Brunswick Ward Campaign

The group I mention in a previous article, Empower our Neighborhoods, ran a campaign to change New Brunswick’s form of government from at-large to a ward based system. The group was looking to give administrative power to residents from each section of the city, rather than have a 5 person at-large council which represent the […]

ArtHouse New Brunswick Arts and Culture

I was now reporting on various news and events on my blog, moxieTODAY.com. I was introduced to the art scene of New Brunswick. ArtHouse was founded by Avi Perez and Leslie Fine and is still actively holding events. The members of ArtHouse find a space in New Brunswick…a house, an office building, a park, any […]

New Brunswick City Council Politics

After attending a New Brunswick city council meeting I was amazed at how the city administration disregarded resident comments and concerns. I thought, someone needs to film this so the residents can see they need to be active in the politics of the city in order to own their destiny. I wanted to mobilize large […]

Empower Our Neighborhoods

Jessica Lipman assisted Richard Miller with the technical aspects of the class, working more hands on with the students. During one of my interviews with Jessica she noticed my desire to get involved with the community, and to help people. She recommended I get involved with a local community group, Empower Our Neighborhoods, (EON). As […]