Crafting a niche

A good niche doesn’t just fall into your lap. It must be carefully crafted. This post explores why you may want to say it’s more like “crafting a niche”. I am in the process of crafting a niche. At first, crafting a niche was somewhat challenging. I’ve since been able to wrap my ahead around […]

Rutgers Future Scholars Video

Again I have the wonderful opportunity to produce a film for the Rutgers Futures Scholars Program. The program selects an elite group of 200 students from Piscataway, Newark, New Brunswick, and Camden (all places where Rutgers has campuses) and offers them a full scholarship to Rutgers University. The only catch is the students must go […]

Independent Study at Rutgers University

Richard Miller saw great promise in my project, but even more than that he believed in me. He granted me exclusive use of the Plangere Culture Lab with 10 professional multimedia editing stations, private access, high definition video equipment, a location to launch my business, a weekly stipend, and the ability to collaborate with Richard […]

Rutgers Future Scholars Program

I taught a New Media course that revolved around sustainable development to a class of 20 New Brunswick High School students who have been selected for full scholarships to attend Rutgers University. I taught the students the same concepts I learned from Richard Miller’s Writing as Naturalist. The students learned to explore ideas with new […]

Rutgers School of Social Work

The Rutgers School of Social Work founded The Summer Housing and Internship Program (SHIP). It is a program that assists youth as they age out of the foster system. I was hired to produce a 20 minute documentary about the program, including interviews with program participants, professors, and internship placement advisors. It was a pleasure […]

Rutgers Online Newspaper Founder to Bridge Gap Between Student and Community

Since taking Richard Miller’s Writing as a Naturalist, I continued to meet with him on a regular basis as I learned to publish ideas effectively. I learned to study complexity. I thought to myself, “There should be more people publishing their meaningful experiences”. The city was full of vibrant communities, but there was no digital […]