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Strategic marketing and growth-driven design law firms and lawyers

Value shop

I provide a Value Shop to my customers This is a similar approach to strategic consulting provided by organizations like McKinsey. A value shop is different from a typical marketing and design agency because of the unique nature of the problems I solve. Problem-solving requires a process of figuring out that we have the right…

Value Proposition Canvas

A well crafted value proposition speaks directly to relieving the pain-point of your customer.

Customer Journey Mapping

Improve the experience of a customer on the journey of using your product to solve their most unsolvable problems.

Empathy Mapping Workshop

Empathy mapping workshop provides qualitative insights to instruct your value proposition design.

Persona Canvas

Persona canvas is a strategic tool for gaining deeper insight of your customers. The persona canvas typically follows the empathy map canvas.

Founder’s Way

Carve out a place for yourself in the new economy. Design your own future with Founder’s Way.

The Smarter Approach

I built the The Smarter Approach to solve a series of pain-points I discovered while working with various customers over the last decade. This approach is meant to simplify the outdated and broken playbook championed by most marketing and design agencies.

Future of Work

Here’s a curated reading list of resources designed to empower you with tools to design your own future.

Crafting a niche

A good niche doesn’t just fall into your lap. It must be carefully crafted. This post explores why you may want to say it’s more like “crafting a niche”.

Who is my customer?

Empathy is the compass I use to navigate the complex process of getting inside the heads of my customers to gain an empathetic understanding of their needs.

Journey Line

Journey Line is an activity that fosters self-organization and cross-functional behavior because it reveals a person’s skills, experiences, background, etc.

Growth hack my startup

If I decided to start a company one or two years ago it does not mean the company is a startup. Startups are not defined by the length of time they have been in operation. The definition of a startup is a company that has the ability to grow rapidly. Startups should grow about 5-10%…

Empathy mapping canvas

Empathy mapping canvas is a strategic tool used to discover the needs of your customer

A primer on Collective Impact

Greater progress could be made in alleviating many of our most serious and complex social problems if nonprofits, governments, businesses, and the public were brought together around a common agenda to create collective impact. 

Investors Scale Impact

It has never been easier for investors to scale the impact of their investment.

Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technology automates jobs, but it also creates the opportunity for new markets to emerge.

Hierarchy of organizational needs

I received an email this morning with a subject line seeming of great importance: “A hierarchy of organizational needs”.

What is the Princeton Impact Project

Six weeks ago I was asked in an email, “What is the Princeton Impact Project?” Kristen Gillette is a Philadelphia reporter who writes for Generocity which is knows as “the platform for social impact”.

Seth Godin said it was my turn. Here is what I did.

Seth Godin has a new book on the shelves. I am sure most of you have heard of it, What to Do When It’s Your Turn. If you are familiar with Seth Godin then this type of unique publication is to be expected.

What is a social entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurs use profit models to sustain projects which tackle social problems like inequality and climate change.

Website Secrets

I just want to get one thing straight before I continue. Your website does not actually suck. Well, it may suck, but I probably have never seen it.

American business: reimagined

When an entrepreneur lives in a different location other than her customer’s local community it reduces the value of her customer’s local community.

She deserves a place in your mind

If you are a self-made man then you will never have to brag because your life’s work will speak volumes about your character.

Website Launch Checklist

Special thanks to WPEngine for putting this awesome website launch list together. Keep this link in a familiar place so you don’t get lost in the QA process. This list is exhaustive, and not every project requires every step. That decision will be up to you. Step 1 – Before Going Live Step Order Area…

You don't have to be passionate about what you are selling

Let’s say you’re passionate about ice skating, but you suck at ice skating. I would not recommend pursuing a career in it. Just because you’re passionate about something does not mean you should try to start a business in it. I always hear people say things like, “Follow your passion.” As a general rule do…

First drafts are supposed to suck

I used to be hard on myself when first writing a new blog post or chapter of an ebook. I would never get anything accomplished. Your first draft should suck. First, understand that everything you create is part of a draft process. Don’t create something thinking it will be perfect from the start. It won’t.…

If you can’t market yourself…

If you can’t market yourself, how can you market something else? Practice what you preach If you’re trying to break into the marketing world make sure you’re active in the area you’re applying for. Your future employer will not hire you if you haven’t built your own personal brand yet. Likewise, the larger your digital…

Your content is only step one

It’s not just about your website, social media accounts, blogging schedule, etc. If you recently decided to build your personal brand it’s common to be overloaded with getting everything up and running. Learning to create content consistently, updating social media accounts and being present at all times are a few things that come to mind.…


Once you start, don’t stop. Expecting immediate results will set yourself up for disappointment. Create content consistently. It’s easy to stop forward motion when you don’t see any significant results immediately. Don’t worry. You shouldn’t see anything significant yet. Consistently create content everyday for 30 days and you’ll start to see things you only imagined…

Inefficiencies at your job.

If you work a full-time job you may notice inefficiencies throughout the day. Do you ever think to yourself, “Why are we doing it like this? We should totally do it this way instead.” Do you speak up when you have these ideas? Business owners know they need to update certain parts of their business…

Your idea is not a pipe dream.

Have you ever had an idea for a new product or business? You may even have one right now. Does it seem so far away that you don’t even know where to start? It’s not a pipe dream. If you don’t know the process for how to turn your idea into a product or business…

Failure is the compass for your business.

At least one of your business ideas has legs. If you’re fortunate it will be the first idea you try. Probably not, though. Understand that failure is part of the process. Let failure direct your business to success Get your first failure under your belt. Give an idea for a product or new business your…

Naming products like PEPSI

The word PEPSI did not exist until the cola was invented. PEPSI created a brand and became known because of the product they produced. Using a word that didn’t exist allowed them to stand out and become known. If you don’t come up with a name in the first 10 minutes you should shelve this…

Write like a filmmaker produces a film

After you outline the film you go out to shoot all the footage you are going to need for the final draft of the film. You can’t produce a film without all the footage. Think of your writing projects in the same fashion. Write your first draft by getting all the possible ideas out of…

Profitable Products at the JuiceTank [WORKSHOP]

The focus for my upcoming workshop is specifically for consultants and service providers who want to increase revenue from information products and move away from time-consuming services.

Do not follow your passion.

I used to say things like, “Follow your passion. Work on projects you are passionate about.” I was so wrong. Don’t follow your passion. Follow your skills. If you have a skill people pay for you can build a product around that skill.

FireSide chats for creative entrepreneurs

I wanted to start a company like FireSide for the last few months. I was busy with other projects and couldn’t put the time (or brain power) into building something new.

Manifestos and Mantras

I wake up some days struggling to remember the meaning of my work. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been wasting time. Do you ever feel like this?

Free Course in Self-Publishing Ebooks

I watch countless bloggers give up because they couldn’t figure out how to monetize and scale their knowledge. Trust sells, but you have to sell something.

Health and fitness market research data

According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, a project Pew Research Center, two-thirds of U.S. adults are either overweight or obese. About half of this population lives with hypertension, diabetes, heart conditions, and cancer. Consumers are confused about how to be healthy. At the same time, they think the internet can help them learn…

Innovate like a caveman playing with rocks

I remember when i first started designing I would just sit in front of the computer and play with shapes as I tried to piece together a new website. I now compare that to a caveman playing with rocks as he tries to make a wheel. Research leads to innovation. Innovation leads to inspiration. Inspiration…

How your about page can be a sales tool

The about page is in the top 3 pages visited by unique website visitors. I arrive on a website I’ve never been to before. What’s the first thing I do? I read the headline text on the home page, do a quick assessment of the graphics and user interface which lets me know if the…

Write everything down even if it doesn't make sense

Write all your thoughts. Don’t worry about whether it makes sense. Just write it all down. In the past, if I thought a topic was not important then I wouldn’t need it for the book at all. I have come to learn it is impossible for me to know what will end up in the final…

Show me how to plant a tree

Don’t tell people what to do. Show them how to do it. I came in second place last year at the New Jersey Tree Planting Convention. I lost to my nemesis, Magatha. Yup, that’s her proudly wearing her crown. I’m coming for you next year!   On a greener note, I was at my friend…

Doubled a Client’s Email Revenue in One Week

In 10 days, I doubled the revenue generated through email. Project From start to finish, the duration of this project was 10 days. My role in this project was as a consultant. I was hired to design an updated email marketing strategy and plan. The goal of the project would be to increase sales from…

How to Use Custom Contact Forms

Searching for the perfect contact form for Wordpress is a time consuming job because there are so many forms for Wordpress.

Innovative Ideas Advance Careers and Industries

A term being thrown around a lot lately…innovation. Anyone can be an innovator. Anyone can be the next Steve Jobs. When you think about it, Steve Jobs didn’t create brand new ideas. He took ideas that were already in existence and made them better…he innovated on top of what existed. Jobs didn’t invent the mp3…

Brad Pitt Slams Your Moneyball

About a month ago I watched the movie Moneyball with Brad Pitt. Since then I’ve watched it four additional times, tallying my Moneyball to 5 in 30 days. Why am I watching Moneyball? This took me 20 minutes to edit, compress and upload so you should take 57 seconds to watch it… In the movie…

Learn Code or Build a Great Elevator Pitch

It’s no secret we’re in a time of entrepreneurs and start-ups. The DIY movement has taken over the protester movement because let’s face it, you can only complain about something for so long until you realize, “Wait, I have the power to change this.” We now have streamlined tools that allow us to build new…

Creativity Involves Your Engagement With the World

Rather than dismantle the state of affairs, I want to offer some creative incite on what to do next. We understand the world has problems: What you can do moving forward: Introduce yourself to everyone – Make friends with everyone you meet. Share resources. Life is good when you have shoulders to lean on. Become…

Independent Study at Rutgers University

Richard Miller saw great promise in my project, but even more than that he believed in me. He granted me exclusive use of the Plangere Culture Lab with 10 professional multimedia editing stations, private access, high definition video equipment, a location to launch my business, a weekly stipend, and the ability to collaborate with Richard…

Rutgers Future Scholars Program

I taught a New Media course that revolved around sustainable development to a class of 20 New Brunswick High School students who have been selected for full scholarships to attend Rutgers University. I taught the students the same concepts I learned from Richard Miller’s Writing as Naturalist. The students learned to explore ideas with new…

Rutgers School of Social Work

The Rutgers School of Social Work founded The Summer Housing and Internship Program (SHIP). It is a program that assists youth as they age out of the foster system. I was hired to produce a 20 minute documentary about the program, including interviews with program participants, professors, and internship placement advisors. It was a pleasure…

Hub City Revival Documentary Trailer

As I was documenting the ward campaign I was able to meet a lot of local artists and musicians. Finally I met Nicole Koupiaris, Jay Silent Knight, and Ras Ujimma Paris…founders of Hub City Revival. At this point they had hosted about 8 events and were looking for a videographer and organizer for their group.…

Empower Our Neighborhoods

Jessica Lipman assisted Richard Miller with the technical aspects of the class, working more hands on with the students. During one of my interviews with Jessica she noticed my desire to get involved with the community, and to help people. She recommended I get involved with a local community group, Empower Our Neighborhoods, (EON). After…

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