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Decentralized applications, or, dapps, are technology products that invite you, and your community, to reap the benefits of not having a central person or entity that has ownership over your data. I created these applications by bringing together existing technology in a way that enabled me to have access to the tools I needed to create value to sell to clients. What could you create with these tools?


Prethinc is a venture design studio building companies that serve human needs. We work with purpose-driven founders who see what others don’t. They’re the ones building movements and innovating products and services that change the way we live, work, and love. Imagine a world where we wake up excited to be a part of something […]


The Ventures listed below are available for acquisition. Consider these Ventures similar to a skin or a template that lays on top of the dapps. I built these Ventures as a result of learnings from my work within communities at the grassroots level. I built and validated the Ventures using the Venture Lifecycle “Prototype → Minimum […]