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I make things that help people.

SMB Monthly

Grow your heart-centered business with world-class research, purpose-driven strategy, and hand-crafted deliverables every month.

We start where you are. I will ask questions to wrap my head around your goals and understand how your project, venture, community, etc is bringing you closer to your vision.

Metrics. This is where we begin an ongoing dialogue about the metrics that are important to you, your team, and your company. It is through your authentic expression of self that you create a magnetic effect that attracts and unifies people around who you are and what you believe.

Baseline. This is where we take stock of the business with things like Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC) and Lifetime Value of a Customer (LVC). How many times does the phone ring? How many requests for service or product sales took place in the last 30 days? We walkthrough your business model, customers, and the existing patterns that enable your people to operate the company in service of your customers.

Internal. This is where we look at the way the people relate with one another on your team. This attention and care to your people is a way to bring your energy together in a meaningful way so that it can radiate into the hearts and minds of your customers.

External. This is where we look at the way your customers are moving through your business. How can we improve the customer experience by streamlining the way we do things internally?

Deliverables. We sort through the deliverables you need to create for the month. I will create at least one strategically placed, hand-crafted, culturally relevant digital asset per month (ie: article, analytics setup, specific list of data-driven improvements, editorial strategy, roadmap, campaign design, program design, microlesson, video, infographic, etc).

Feedback. I provide feedback on all work you ask me to review. I encourage you to take advantage of this because each time we go through the process of improving your deliverable results in higher quality experience for your customers.

Each asset we create together is also minted as an NFT as part of its proper collection (if applicable), and setup as a passive revenue stream.

One-on-one sessions with me for up to 150 minutes per month. Unused minutes rollover to the following month.

Unlimited text and email support through direct communication with me. Ask questions, get feedback, and anything else your business needs.

$555 one-time payment

At the end of month, we can reassess our engagement to determine the best way to move forward. Questions, please contact me dalonzo@rutgers.edu

This product is currently being offered as part of the Cooperative Impact Emergence Incubator. Please visit cooperativeimpact.works for more information.

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Sacred Circles is a private network platform built on the Gather web application inspired by my 'The Gatherer' archetype within the Four Movements.

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