Doubled a Client’s Email Revenue in One Week

Doubled a Client’s Email Revenue in One Week

I brought on a new client about four weeks ago. They specialize in the eyewear industry and have been in existence for about 100 years. It is a family owned company and has been since its conception in 1915.

They manufacture prescription eyeglasses, safety glasses, sun glasses, and offer everything in non prescription as well. Not only do they manufacture the products, but they also market and sell the products through their online stores to wholesale and retail customers.

They have a large customer base with about 20,000 current customers across their four companies. They already generate a lot of sales which makes my job easier because I’m not starting from scratch.

I’ve been working in their office 3 days per week as their “Internet Marketing Manager”. Right now I’m in charge of the email marketing, website development, blogging and content creation, social media, PPC, and overall marketing strategy development.

Up until this point they have been outsourcing their marketing channels to different people and agencies who rarely speak with each other. All the channels are currently in their own silos:

  • Sale sources are not being tracked from each channel so the company doesn’t have ROI measurements
  • Analytics across the board are not being analyzed and used as a modification tool for the future
  • PPC doesn’t speak with web development or social media
  • The websites aren’t search engine optimized based on in depth Keyword Research
  • Social media doesn’t have an editorial strategy working towards business goals and objectives
  • Email marketing is not segmented based on past metrics

This is a multi million dollar company so it’s easy for metric details to be missed because the company is already making so much money. What they don’t realize is if they were to tighten up their marketing operations they will start seeing incredible results.

That is why I scheduled a meeting for the Executive Vice President, the PPC agency, the Social Media agency, the Lead Web Developer, and the Content Producers. The point of this is to bring everyone together under one marketing plan and get people to work together towards common business goals. More importantly, we need to start holding everyone accountable for their tasks and marketing channel. The meeting uncovered a lot. There were a lot of excuses given by the different people of why they weren’t doing what they were supposed to be doing. Bottom line, we got the ball rolling in the right direction.

One of my first plans were to see if we could move the needle with a new approach to their email marketing.

First, I benchmarked everything. A problem I ran into was that the metrics were never being analyzed and sale conversions were not being tracked from any channel. How would we know if what we’re doing is successful if we don’t have a place to measure from? So it took some time and effort to get things organized.

Here is a glance at the before and after email marketing metrics.

METRICS Previous Campaign My Campaign Total Increase
Unique Opens 1281 2348 +83%
Unique Clicks 162 452 +179%
# of Orders 31 48 +55%
Total Revenue $3,524 $6,019 +71%


Over the course of one campaign I nearly doubled their revenue.


  1. Subject lines – I focused on strong subject lines that didn’t sound robotic or include spammy terms.
  2. Text-based emails – I created text emails with absolutely no graphics
  3. Updated the “From” name to the Vice President’s real name (it was the name of the company which is not personal)
  4. One call-to-action – removed any duplicate CTAs so the recipient could focus on one single call-to-action.
  5. Personalized signature – signed the email “Sincerely, Ryan Doe, Vice President | *Company Name*”.

In addition to the above campaign I’ve also taken these steps to increase the company’s revenue:

High Engagement for Repeat Business and Life-Long Customers: The company did not have a sync process in place which took new customers and automatically added them to a fresh email database for future email marketing. Months would go by and hundreds of customers wouldn’t receive any emails until the company had time to upload their customer database to the email marketing platform. By that time they ran the risk of losing all engagement and interest with the client. If you want repeat business and life long customers you need to maintain high engagement with the customer after purchase.

Automated Email Marketing: The company had no automated email marketing set up for customers after they purchase a product. I outlined a plan for 12 months that includes 24 hour, 15 day, 30 day, 90 day, 6 month, suggested products to buy based on previous products bought, and birthday emails from the company. In between these emails we will send more specific segmented emails based on metric analysis of the automated emails.

Industry Blogs for Each Company: I have developed and designed custom WordPress sites for each of the four companies that will act as industry expert information resources and drive traffic to the appropriate company ecommerce store through search engine optimized blog posting.

Keyword Research: There currently is no organic search engine optimization plan in place. They were paying an outside agaency $1,500 per month to do something…when I asked what they were doing nobody had an answer. This is a common problem for large multi million dollar companies – they are often taken advantage of by people claiming they can do what is needed.

Now that I’ve taken over the marketing for the company they no longer need to worry about being taken advantage of because I have revolutionized the way they do business. We are now implementing sale tracking from every marketing channel so we can reduce PPC ad spend (about $30,000 per month) and increase ROI across the board.

Master Marketing and Operations Plan: I am working closely with the Vice President to develop and maintain master working plans for the four companies and the staff responsible for task completion. This will free the Vice President’s time up and allow him to focus on business development which will bring in more revenue while also increasing revenue from the refined marketing plan I’m creating.