Passionately pursuing purpose-driven projects


  • 32 Years Old
  • Practitioner
  • Entrepreneur
  • New Jersey Native

I place big bets on people like you to build companies that shape the future.

I nurture founders and the ideas they grow into businesses.

I wake up in the morning and ask myself, “What is the most valuable thing I can make today that will add value to your life and work?”

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I am a founder

I find what’s missing and I make it. I am the linchpin that connects and integrates all the pieces together. I am a designer, a maker, an entrepreneur, and a teacher.

I mold myself to fill in your gaps.

I create value to serve unmet needs

I founded Cooperative Impact, New Jersey’s first-ever social innovation conference, to spark a movement of cross-sector stakeholder collaboration among the siloed institutions of a city.

Using the momentum from Cooperative Impact, I founded Action Horizon Institute, a mentor-driven bootcamp for emerging entrepreneurs to acquire skills and competencies in self-directed learning. Seth Godin said it was my turn, so here’s what I did. A journalist from Philadelphia named Kristen wrote an article about the entrepreneurial ecosystem I design and install into cities based on the needs of the residents. In Princeton, we called the movement The Princeton Impact Project. I moved to D.C. and scaled the project under the name, Impact Project.

I mentor project-based MBA teams for the INSEAD MBA Program at the Kellogg School of Management. I sit on the advisory board of Enactus at Rutgers. I curate a weekly email digest on social entrepreneurship for Techstars. I am one of five global design coaches for the human-centered design organization, IDEO. I am also the lead organizer of the Hubspot User Group in Northern New Jersey.

I use Instagram to share microlessons from my consulting sessions with clients. I maintain a Pinterest board with visual design samples and most of my personal projects from the last few years. I don’t use LinkedIn often, but always happy to connect 🙂

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