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I am currently working on two projects that are special to my heart. StartupU teaches disconnected youth how to carve out a place for themselves in the new economy by building a startup that solves a social problem in their local community. Acanomics is a framework I developed with a group of academics and entrepreneurs. It describes the evolution of the New Economy in the “Post-Google” era, and insight to solutionary models on how we, the people, can add value to society. Acanomics and StartupU will be available to the public early 2015.

Problems and Solutions

Recent blog posts

Your website sucks because you forgot this

I just want to get one thing straight before I continue. Your website does not actually suck. Well, it may suck, but I probably have never seen it.

Buyer persona canvas is not a waste of time

Buyer personas are important because in order to capture and retain customers we first need to understand who they are, what their lives are like, and how they…

American business: reimagined

The problem is not so much our obsession with buying “stuff”, rather, it is that when an entrepreneur lives in a different location other than the customer’s local community it causes an economical ripple to occur.

She deserves a place in your mind

If you are too infatuated with yourself then you may not even know what she likes to do when you are not around. How do you fix this? Ask her questions.

Reduce the cost of living

Increase the minimum wage? Or, do you build a startup that reduces the cost of living?

Social entrepreneurs don’t work 4-hour work weeks

Henry Ford noticed a problem. Middle class America in which he was apart of wanted a family car. However, cars were too expensive to produce which made them expensive to purchase. Cars represented more than just a status symbol. Cars represented opportunity. Ford took notice of this market which was ready to emerge from the middle class. He just…

Build a startup that solves a social problem

What do you say to a student who is about to graduate with a degree that has no value in the current workforce? Education is meant to prepare a student for the economy, but as new technology disrupts our institutions it leaves higher education in a state of confusion. The requirements of high-paying jobs are a…

The Startup University

Please note: I wrote the following blog post before crystalizing the actual business model for the StartupU.

Dan is one of the most dedicated mentors I’ve ever worked with

It has been a great honor and a real pleasure to work with Dan the past four years.

Growth hack my startup

If I decided to start a company one or two years ago it does not mean the company is a startup. Startups are not defined by the length of time they have been in operation. The definition of a startup is a company that has the ability to grow rapidly. Startups should grow about 5-10%…

"Creativity involves your engagement with the world, and the creation of an action horizon where there is something to do beyond describing a problem. Once you understand the problem, what do you do next?"

-Dr. Richard E. Miller