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I am currently working on two projects that are special to my heart.

StartupU teaches disconnected youth 1) how to use new media to understand the cause of social problems, and 2) how to build business models that solve social problems. Understand the problem, and then solve the problem.

Acanomics is the framework that allows a society to stabilize its economy by aligning higher education curriculum to meet the needs of the labor market.

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Problems and Solutions

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Social Enterprizer Allison Sosna of MicroGreens

Please note: I am getting an on camera interview with Alli early next week. You can expect the interview to make its way to this post around Thursday, March 5th. It is going to be a good one so make sure to check back soon! Do you prefer I send you a notification via email…

Social problems harbor opportunity for new social enterprises

Social problems are opportunities waiting to be tapped by social entrepreneurs…

American business: reimagined

When an entrepreneur lives in a different location other than her customer’s local community it reduces the value of her customer’s local community.

Reduce the cost of living

Increase the minimum wage? Or, do you build a startup that reduces the cost of living?

Disruptive innovation by Henry Ford

Henry Ford noticed a problem. Middle class America in which he was apart of wanted a family car.

Build a startup that solves a social problem

What do you say to a student who is about to graduate with a degree that has no value in the current workforce?

"Creativity involves your engagement with the world, and the creation of an action horizon where there is something to do beyond describing a problem. Once you understand the problem, what do you do next?"

-Dr. Richard E. Miller