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Learn to create new value in existing businesses and turn new ideas into projects and businesses with these short, simple, and practical lessons.


Two day workshops are hands-on experiences with leadership from various organizations learning, doing, and iterating with me hands-on.


Immersive sprints are available in-house as 5-day experiences. Finish day five with a solution validated by real customers.

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"Conversations began almost immediately, and they were daily. At the time, I didn’t even know how it would be possible. I had several ideas – the ultimate vision, but I can remember brainstorming with Daniel….bouncing ideas and getting feedback on my vision." -Ecommerce startup founder

"Dan is one of the most dedicated mentors I have ever worked with." -Venture-backed tech startup founder & UX designer

"Dan can take you through a process that will crack open your potential." -Emerging entrepreneur

"He's a mentor, a friend, and most importantly he's our teacher. If you have the opportunity to work with him in that capacity I would highly recommend it." -Executive Director of higher education program

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