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Daniel DAlonzoI spent many years developing a unique, cross-disciplinary set of skills and experiences which have empowered me to be bring an entrepreneurial mindset to social impact grassroots initiatives. The combination of the two is why I consider myself a social entrepreneur.

I am a designer, developer, teacher, videographer, and small business owner. I have taught at the university level to nearly 1,000 students. I have mentored disconnected youth ranging from 8th grade to 12th grade as well as high school dropouts. I have invested hundreds of hours in social change projects ranging from local city politics to arts and culture movements to undocumented students and their access to financial aid. I am happiest immersed in the local community.

I have watched beautiful movements of passionate humans evaporate because of a lack in funding. Why are the organizations which provide human services reliant on donors and grants to sustain themselves? How does the organization who manufactures a substitute for styrofoam compete for market share when their employees are volunteers who have “real jobs” somewhere else? It should not be this difficult to be a good person.

I am currently building a platform which streamlines the process of building a social enterprise. It is a multi-sided platform for community members, mentors, impact investors, and service providers. I thought about all the obstacles I ran into while trying to have a lasting impact in the community, and I built solutions for each one. I am in private beta right now with a handful of users. Contact me if you would like to be a beta tester.


Words (and videos) from previous clients who are now friends.

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Unique combination of educational experiences empowered me with cross-discplinary skills.

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Previous Work

Design, development, backpack video journalism, and community engagement.

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Current Projects

I am creating products for social entrepreneurs to build profitable social enterprises.

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"Creativity involves your engagement with the world, and the creation of an action horizon where there is something to do beyond describing a problem. Once you understand the problem, what do you do next?"

-Dr. Richard E. Miller