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A goal without a plan is just a wish.


Outcomes: Vision Roadmap + 90-Day Behavior-Driven Feature Mapping Based on Ideal Customer Journey

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Start with "why"

Through the trial and errors of my personal and professional experiences I have (finally) learned a few lessons. One lesson is that any project should always start with a deeper purpose and driving force other than short-term financial gains. This means I have to be sure to stay ahead financially so that I do not put myself into situations where I sacrifice my guiding principles because I need to put food on the table and a roof over my head. Being honest with myself about this issue became easier once I became more competent in my work. Now that my skills, knowledge, and abilities are at their highest level I feel confident in stating with clarity what the next few steps of my journey might look like.

Another lesson I learned is that I should only work with people and organizations who share a similar purpose as myself. We do not have to share the exact same vision for the future, but my purpose and your purpose should at least compliment and support one another.

Transformational Leadership Competencies

Exemplifying Integrity

Ensuring Accountability

Inspiring Others

Leading Change

Nurturing Innovation

Fostering Learning and Development

Acting with Empathy and Compassion

Embracing Diversity

General Competencies

Bridging Culture

Creativity and Innovation

Beta Credentials Framework is Here

THE VALUE OF THE BETA CREDENTIALS FRAMEWORK By providing common language and a unified framework for understanding the competencies associated with different credentials, applications of the Framework can improve all of the following: Equity. More transparent credentials create clearly visible pathways to increase career and economic mobility for historically underserved and underrepresented populations, particularly African…

Global Startup Linchpin Techstars Collaborates to end Poverty, Inequality, and Injustice

My initial inspiration to write this post sparked from the excitement to tell ya’ll about my role with Techstars Social Enterprise Startup Digest. Here is a quick breakdown: Startup Digest is a personalized newsletter that provides you with the exact type of content you are interested in learning. This is not just any random content on the…

Carve out a place for yourself because nobody else can do it for you

I am working on a framework that gives you the tools to design your own future. I’m putting it all online so you can get started from home tonight…

American Apprenticeships

Almost 90% of apprentices are employed after completing their apprenticeship. Average starting wage for apprentice grads is over $50,000.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

WIOA eligible training providers are required to report employment outcomes, and will benefit from states enabling cross-matching with wage records and education and training provider records.

Barriers to getting Americans back to work

To train more Americans with the skills employers need and to match them to good jobs that need to be filled right now, we must

Cumulative disadvantage theory gets crushed once I discovered my purpose

This is a story about how I began accumulating disadvantages from the day I was born and the random occurrence that took place when my life collided with the person responsible for transforming my life forever.

21st century innovators, Simon Sinek and Gary Vee, dropping knowledge

Do you feel that your work culture is of cooperation and trust? Do you keep your guard up because you can’t trust anyone? Definitely not your boss?

How might students bridge their own skills gap?

After years of research, stakeholder interviews, and user analysis of the “skills gap”, a series of solutions are rolling out throughout the country. While the solutions seem clearcut and easy to understand in the reports published by the White House, institutions of higher education and professional development training programs around the country are finding it…

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Design your own future

Let's live in a world where we help the person next to us. Let's unlock resources for underserved populations. Let's wake up everyday and work on making things better.

Let's design business models that tackle social problems like inequality and climate change. At the end of a day, let's turn and say, "What have you done for the person next to you today?"